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Ad Tracking Software for banner ad management and banner rotation

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Ad Tracking and Management With Ease

BanManPro for .NET is a feature-rich ad tracking software product for enterprise management of banner advertisements on your web site.  Our banner software includes an intuitive web interface for managing your banner ad inventory and tracking the number of impressions and clicks on each banner advertisement.  Our ad tracking software includes a login area for advertisers to view statistics and purchase ads directly from your web site.

Advanced Ad Tracking Features

Banner Ad Management Tool Features
A short summary of ad tracking features includes companion banner ads, transition and floating ads, popup and pop under advertisements, full support for flash ads with click tracking, etc.  Banners can be frequency capped to limit how often they are shown to each visitor.  We also support competitive exclusions to avoid serving competitor ads on a given page.
Ad Serving Management Features
A few features include geo-targeting, companion campaigns, frequency capping, targeting by browser, language and operating system.  Targeting by day of week and hour of day.  Daily, Monthly and Weekly caps on impressions and clicks.  Demographic targeting by up to 3 custom defined demographic fields.  ROI Tracking.
If you are in the market for Ad Tracking Software, visit the BanManPro Ad Tracking Software web page for more information and details.
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