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Banner Ad Rotation With Ease

BanManPro for .NET and Windows servers was developed in order to provide a sophisticated tool for managing and rotating banner ads on your web sites.  Our Banner Rotator script called BanManPro will greatly simplify the process of managing and rotating banner ads on your web site.  Our product is available both as a compiled software application and as an uncompiled script written in 2005 using ASP.NET and VB.NET.

Banner Rotator Features

Banner Rotator Tool Features
Ban Man Pro supports many types of ads and many different rotation techniques to serve and rotate banner advertisements.  In terms of rotation we support the following types of campaigns:
  • Default campaigns that never expire.  These campaigns have the lowest priority of all other campaigns and are great for serving house ads or 3rd party banner advertisements in order to handle your excess inventory.  Even Google Ad Words can be rotated.
  • Evenly Spread campaigns that are rotated and distributed proportionally with your traffic in order to spread the impressions over the campaign flight dates and serve higher volume of impressions on days when your traffic is higher.
  • Equally Distributed By day campaigns that serves an equal number of impressions on each day.  For example, if a campaign is set to serve 30,000 ad views in 30 days our banner rotator software will serve 1,000 impressions per day.
  • Keyword Campaigns are campaigns called by keywords that you pass.  This is useful for those with a search engine who wish to target ads by the users search.

Other useful banner rotation options include frequency capping to limit the number of impressions per user, as well as daily, weekly, and monthly caps on impressions and clicks to limit how often then banners are shown and rotated.

Types of Banner Ads that can be rotated in BanManPro

We support numerous types of banner ads including:
If you are in the market for Banner Rotator Software, visit the BanManPro Banner Rotator Software web page for more information and details or preview our online demo using the links below.
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