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Ban Man Pro Version 14 for ASP.NET


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Advanced Banner Server Software for managing and rotating banner ads

BanManPro for .NET is banner software utilized for serving and rotating banner ads on your web site.  Advertisers pay you to advertiser on your site in order to send traffic to their web site.  BanManPro is not banner software for creating banner ads but rather is used to serve them up on your site and track how many times the ad was viewed (impressions) an how many times it was clicked.

Banner Software Abbreviated Feature List

  • Intuitive web-based interface for uploading ads, managing campaigns, and viewing statistics
  • Real-time statistics of impressions, clicks and click through rates available to the administrator, advertiser, and publishers.
  • Country geo-targeting of advertisements, demographic and profile targeting, State/Province and US Metropolitan targeting.
  • Supports any type of ad including html, javascript, flash, 3rd-party ad tags, floating ads, popup ads, transition ads, and companion ads etc.
  • Capable of handling millions of impressions per day optimized for .NET and SQL server using stored procedures.
  • Includes many different distribution options including weighted, evenly distributed, equally distributed by day, call by keyword, defaults, etc.
  • Automated daily, weekly, and monthly email reports
  • All reports can be emailed after creation
Ready to learn more about our banner rotation software, visit the BanManPro web page for more information and the full list of features.
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