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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding BanManPro Banner Rotator Software

Ad Tracking Software SolutionCan I run Ban Man Pro in a Dot Net Nuke web site?  Yes indeed.  Please read this.

Does Ban Man Pro run under SharePoint? Yes, click here for necessary web.config changes.

Can Ban Man Pro be run on load-balanced servers?  Yes, click here for more information.

Can I rotate images of any size? Yes, Ban Man Pro™ supports rotating banner ad images of any size.  Commonly used sizes include 468 X 60, 125 X 125, and 100 X 30.  Because you define the size, Ban Man Pro supports all sizes.  For a list of typical sizes, please visit the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) list of suggested sizes.

Do I have full access to the source code?  Ban Man Pro is a compiled .net application and the source code is not supplied.  The source code can be purchased with the unlimited multi-site version for an additional US$1500.  The source code is written in VB.NET/ASP.NEt.  We do not offer a C# version at this time.

Can I run Ban Man Pro 5 or higher on the Web Edition of Windows Server 2003?  Yes, however, the database must be run on a separate server as the web edition does not support running SQL Server.

Can I change the top banner so that when advertisers login to view their statistics they view our company banner rather than the Ban Man Pro™ banner? Yes, the setting is found in the admin setup area.

What are zones used for in Ban Man Pro? Click here for some help on zones.

What does that ad code look like that I place on my web pages?  Click here for a white paper.  Click Here for the ASP.NET version.

Where do I obtain the ad code to place on my pages?  Click on the Zones folder.  While viewing a listing of all zones, click on the blue CODE button next to the zone of interest.  The code is presented in a series of text boxes and can be copied and pasted onto your web pages.

Does Ban Man Pro Support Text Links?  Yes, Ban Man Pro now supports both static and rotating text links.  Click here for more information.  Version 10 and higher also supports text ads similar to Google AdWords and you have full control of the template to control the style of the ads.

I want to serve ads on more than one site.  Do I need to purchase multiple copies of Ban Man Pro?  Our licensing is per installation.  With that in mind you can serve ads to multiple sites provided you install the software once.  With the single site version this is accomplished by creating unique zones for each site.

With multiple installations, you must buy additional licenses which are offered at a reduced price.  We also offer a multi-site version that allows you to administer multiple sites from just one installation.  Additional web site licenses can be purchased at any time for $200 to add an additional site to an existing license.

Can Advertisers login and view their statistics in real-time? Yes, you provide the Advertiser with a username/password and they can login and view their statistics at any time, in real-time.

What traffic volumes can Ban Man Pro handle? Ban Man Pro SQL™ is easily capable of serving 3-5 million impressions per day, while 10 million can be accomplished on a server that is dedicated solely to ad serving.  It is very important to consider both the total daily traffic, as well as the number of impressions/second expected during your peak traffic time.  

Can Ban Man Pro serve sites which are not on the same web server? Yes, Ban Man Pro can serve ads on remote servers when using the HTML mode.  Do the remote sites need to be running on a Windows NT Server? NO, only the server where Ban Man Pro is installed needs to run Windows NT Server.  The remote sites can be on any type of web server.

Do you offer a multi-site version of Ban Man Pro™?  Yes, we now have a multi-site version available.

What are the minimum server requirements for Ban Man Pro? Please click here for our server requirements.

Can Ban Man Pro handle keywords for use with a search engine or other targeted advertising? Yes, click here for more information on calling a campaign using keywords.

Is a downloadable demo version of Ban Man Pro available? No, we do not currently offer a downloadable demo version of our product because of the open-source code nature of the application.  To preview our online demos please click here.

What versions of SQL Server are supported 2005 and 2008 is fully supported.  Microsoft SQL Server Express is also supported.  SQL 2008 R2 or higher is recommended.

Is Ban Man Pro in any way affiliated with Banager? No, Banager is not a product of our company.  However, the company that made Banager has disappeared and we have since purchased their domain name.

Do you accept checks as a form of payment? Yes, but the software cannot be emailed until the check has cleared.  Send checks to:, LLC

Celebration, Florida 34747

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