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>> Ban Man Pro Ad Serving Software Features

Below is an overview of features available in our Ban Man Pro banner management software.  For more detailed information contained in the release notes of each version, please click here.

We offer both a Lite version with limited features and a full version with all available ad management features.


PDF Document listing BanManPro Banner Software Features
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Banner Advertising Software Feature Highlights
BanManPro Overall Features Lite Version
Full Version
MultiLingual support including Arabic, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Latvian, Lithuanian, Maltese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.  Language files can also be converted to other languages.

Optimization feature for high-traffic sites

Easy-to-use web-based interface for administration and reporting.
Supports an unlimited number of Advertisers, Banners, Campaigns, and Zones. 
FREE Installation.
FREE technical support.
Built for the Microsoft Windows .net Platform ASP.NET
Records Impressions (Views) and Clicks on each banner for each Advertiser, Banner, Campaign, Zone, Site and Day.
Option to specify the number of hours in which a click must be unique.  This eliminates the artificial clicks from spiders which may click the same ad over and over.
Supports several different types of ad tags for ASP, ASPX,  and non-ASP pages such as html, etc.  Also capable of serving ads to remote servers using the JavaScript ad tags. 
Supports multiple web sites through a single installation.  Base license supports 1 site, each additional site is $200. Max of 6
Option to create user or publisher accounts. User access can be limited to Advertisers, Banners, Campaigns, Zones or Reports and Sites.  Specific tasks can be defined such as view only, edit/update, etc.  
Uses stored procedures and indices for optimized speed.
Includes a billing and invoicing system which includes real-time credit card processing through numerous 3rd party payment gateways. This includes creating invoices, paying invoices, printing invoices, emailing invoices, tax specification, tax exemption for specific advertisers, real-time credit card processing, etc.  
Supports browser recognition of mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone and Android.  Also includes support to serve ads in native iPhone and Android applications.
Spider, Robot and Search Engine detection.  
Advertiser Features Lite Version Full Version
Advertisers have web access to real-time reports for their specific campaigns.
Includes an option for advertisers to signup online and to purchase advertising.  This feature can automatically create a campaign that goes live immediately after purchase.  Includes support for payment processing through PayPal.  
Enhanced advertiser login area.  Advertiser can display their company logo on all reports.  Advertisers can also edit their email delivery options for email reports as well as view all their current banners.
Banner Features Lite Version Full Version
Supports companion ads or buddy ads in order to force ads from the same advertiser to serve in different spots on the same page at the same time.  
Supports competitor exclusions to prevent competitive ads from showing at the same time on a given page or within specific zones.  
Option to launch a new browser when user clicks an ad, making it simple for them to return to your site.
Support for display of text underneath banner ad and when mouse is hovered over ad.
Ad serving support for 3rd party code, Rich Media Ads, FLASH banners, and third-party ad agency code such as Double Click, FlyCast, BurstMedia, PointRoll, etc. Please note that third-party code that uses the ILAYER cannot be served without removing the ILAYER portion.
Includes advanced file upload feature.  Simply browse an image on your local computer and upload the banner at the click of a button.
Includes option to manage and serve Floating Ads and Transition Ads also knows as Interstitial Ads
Includes Flash code generator for adding flash banners.  Also includes the ability to track clicks in flash banners.  Includes support for adding flash movies containing multiple links.
Support for serving Tooltip Type Ads
Includes wizard for adding Popup/ Pop Under advertisements
Supports Text Sponsorship Ads similar to Google AdWords.  These ads can be controlled through a template.   Also includes support for scrolling sponsorship ads that move up the screen in a scrolling fashion.
Supports slider bar ads that can slide on the screen from the Top, Left, Bottom or Right side.  
Supports showing ads in a slideshow fashion.
Supports templates for defining flash ads, floating ads, and transition ads
Option to hide Target URL's for banner ads.
Supports HTML5 Video Ads, Semi-Transparent Takeover Ads, Rollover/Expanding Banner Ads (Expand Down or Right), Hover Ads, and much more.
Supports Responsive Web Design
Campaign Features Lite Version Full Version
Geo-Targeting by Country, US State, Canadian Province, and US Metropolitan Areas for targeted banner advertising  Version 13 added support for the Maxmind City Geo-Targeting database for targeting worldwide cities, postal codes, and US area codes. Country Only
Browser and Operating System Campaign Targeting
Targeting by Primary Browser language
Demographic/Profile targeting for targeting using up to 4 custom demographic fields.  These fields can also be used to target by URL, Domain, or URL Pathname.  
Campaigns can be set to expire based on the number of impressions, click-through or date.
Individual banners can be displayed on any day of the week, and during any period of time.  For example, you might show a specific banner Monday-Friday between 9AM-5PM.
Supports a frequency cap option to limit the number of times a banner is displayed to the same visitor.  The session length can be varied for each campaign.   
Daily, Weekly and Monthly impression and click capping to cap the total number of impressions or clicks served during the period  
ROI/CPA tracking feature.  ROI (return on investment)/CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) is "the bottom line" on how successful an ad or campaign was in terms of what the returns (generally sales revenue) were for the money expended (invested).   
Includes support for an unlimited number of default campaigns.  1 default campaign can be assigned to each zone.  Default campaigns can be of any size.
Unlimited per zone
Includes a smoothing algorithm to equally distribute impressions by day over the campaign flight dates.  For example, if an advertiser purchases 30,000 impressions to be delivered over 30 days, Ban Man Pro will deliver 1000 impressions/day.   
Includes option to evenly spread remaining impressions over remaining time.  This uses a more normalized distribution so days with higher traffic serve a higher number of impressions for the campaign.  
Includes Keyword option to call campaigns by keyword.  This is useful for search engines which sell advertising based on search words.  Keywords can be fuzzy matches or exact match keywords.  Click here for more details on keyword campaign selection.  
Automated removal of expired campaigns: Includes an option to automatically removed expired campaigns from all zones.
Option to reset stats for a particular campaign. 
Supports Surround Session Campaigns for locking an ad to a visitor.  
Option to place a campaign on hold without removing it from the zones.
Zone Features Lite Version Full Version
Supports companion zones in order to force ads from the same advertiser to serve in different zones on the same page at the same time.  
Empty zones can be setup to immediately begin tracking impressions on pages where you anticipate selling ad space.
Includes "Sponsorship ad tags" that allow you to display all campaigns in a zone and rotate them up the page. The number of campaigns displayed can be limited by setting the Total number in the ad tags. The banners rotate up the page with each refresh. 
Includes a special set of ad tags that are specifically tailored to email marketing campaigns.  These ad tags support all the standard campaign rotation features but are limited to image ads only.
Includes an option for encrypted ad tags to help better defeat ad blockers.  
Multiple campaign weightings systems for easy campaign delivery.  Campaigns can be weighted within each zone using a 1-100 weighting system, 1-1000, a relative system, or an ad sequencing system.  The relative and sequencing systems ensure paid ads will always be shown.  More information on campaign weightings.
Option to specify a zone background color for IFRAME ad tags.
Automatic Refresh Option to automatically load a new banner ad every X seconds.
Banner Reporting Features Lite Version Full Version
Provides advanced real-time reporting options for both you and the advertiser.  Reports can be viewed as HTML or exported to EXCEL.  Reports can be broken down by Site, Advertiser, Banner, Campaign, Zone, and Date.
Option to breakdown reports by Country (when using geotargeting data)
Option to breakdown reports by State/Province and US Metropolitan Area (when using geotargeting data)  
Automatic daily and weekly email reports available to both the administrator and advertisers.  Version 5 reports are sent in HTML format.
Option to select which reports are available to your advertisers.
Displays a bar chart of impressions in the past 7 days.
Full sorting capabilities on all reports.
Option to email a report after it has been created
Display a chart of impressions/clicks by day for any period



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