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>> Ban Man Pro Getting Started Guide

This simple guide is intended to give you a general walk-through of setting up your first site, advertiser, banner, campaign, and zone in Ban Man Pro.  This guide assumes you have already successfully installed the software.

Please note that help links are found on each screen throughout Ban Man Pro.  Just click the little help icon and a popup window will appear with more information about that topic.  If you have a popup blocker installed you may need to disable it for this site for the links to work.

Completing the Ban Man Pro Setup Area
As soon as Ban Man Pro is installed, the first time you login you will be sent directly to the Setup screen.  On this screen you must now agree to the terms of the license agreement and enter the license key.  The license key is delivered in the original email that was sent with the download link.

Next, scroll down to the Server Information section.  By default Ban Man Pro will populate these values but it is important to make sure they are correct.  The Full Domain URL must point to the proper location of the a.aspx file which is located in the web folder where Ban Man Pro was installed.

Next, scroll down to the other information section.  If you wish to filter duplicate clicks from the same person, then set "Require Unique Clicks Every X Hours" to a value other than 0. For example, setting to 1 will only record one click on the given banner from the same person.  This helps filter out repeated clicks from the same person or spider.

Last, scroll to the very bottom and update the setup.   At any time during your usage of Ban Man Pro you can return to the setup area and modify settings.  This includes modifying report templates, ad templates, enabling geo-targeting, demographic targeting, etc.


Create A Web Site
Now that the license key has been defined, you are ready to create a web site.  Ban Man Pro is licensed based on the number of sites but even if you purchased the single site license you must still define the site. 

On the left navigation menu, click Sites.  Now click Add New Site on the second tab.

Enter a site name and URL then click Add New Site.

Now click on View Sites and make sure your site is visible.


Create your first Advertiser
Now that you created your first site, many additional menu choices will appear on the left navigation.  If they don't then please click back on sites to make sure you successfully created a site.

Advertisers are the people paying you to advertise on your site.  If you don't yet have any paid advertisers, you might enter your own company as the first advertiser and run internal "house ads" in order to get Ban Man Pro up and running.

To begin, click Advertisers, then Add New Advertiser.

Enter the name or company of the advertiser.

Scroll down to the Login Information/Email Reports section.  Enter a login name and password.  This information will be used for the advertiser to login and view their reports.  You may also check off any of the boxes to receive automated email reports.

Scroll down and click Add New Advertiser to insert the advertiser.


Create a Banner for this new Advertiser
All Banners and campaigns in Ban Man Pro are associated with a specific advertiser.  Now that you have created an advertiser, you are ready to add a banner.  Banners can take on many forms but the most common is a simple animated GIF image.  This type of image can be entered by either uploading an image from your local computer, or by entering the full URL to the image if it already exists on a web site/web server.  Other types of common banners are flash movies which are added using the Add Flash tab, popups using Add Popup, Text links using Add Text Link, and 3rd party ads which are added using Add Advanced.

To add a simple GIF image located on a web site, just open a second browser and go to the web page holding the ad.  Or, you can use the sample ad shown below.  To obtain the full URL of the image, just right click on the Image and Select Properties.

Now highlight the Address(URL) and choose CTRL-C on your keyboard to copy this address into memory.  Also note the dimensions which in this example are 468 wide by 60 high.

Back in Ban Man Pro, click Banners then Add Standard.  Select and advertiser then enter a description.  In the Image URL field, click CTRL-V to paste in the URL that you copied.  Enter the advertiser's web site in the Target URL field.  This is the URL where people are redirected when they click the banner ad.  Enter a width and height.

Finally, scroll down and click Add New Banner.

Ban Man Pro will now display the ad which will show you if the URL was entered properly.  If a broken image appears, then the Image URL is not correct.


Create A Campaign
Campaigns define which banners will be served, when it will start and end, what hours of the day the ad will be served, who the ad will be shown to, and how it will be distributed.  As an example, Microsoft may wish to advertise on your site and have a Windows ad shown only during business hours, only to people using the Internet Explorer Browser, only to people with English as their primary language, etc.  They may want it to start tomorrow and end in 30-days.  These are all possible criteria for a campaign.

Now let's create a simple campaign that uses our sample banner.  To add a campaign, click Campaigns on the left navigation then click Add Standard.

Select the Advertiser.  Enter a campaign name such as "Test Campaign".  Under Banners, select the Test Banner Ad and make sure the weighting is set to 1.  All weightings are relative and since we only have one banner a weight of 1 is the same as a weight of 100.  If we had two banners and set one to a weight of 1 and another to a weight of 2 then the second shows up twice as often as the first.

Scroll down to the Date/Time Information section and make sure the start date is today.  Select a desired end date.  You can click "Calculate Days in Range" to see how many days are found in the selected date range.

Scroll down to Distribution/Other Information and enter a quantity of 30,000.

Last, click Add New Campaign to insert the campaign.


Create A Zone and Assign the Campaign to the Zone
All campaigns are served through zones.  Zones simply organize your banners by size and possibly by different pages or content areas in your site.  For example, you might have a large leader board banner at the top of your pages and a skyscraper on the right side.  This would require two zones.  Then, if you want to run unique ads on your homepage versus the rest of your site, that would require two zones for the homepage and two for remaining pages.  Now suppose you have 10 different content areas where you want to run unique ads.  That would warrant two zones for the homepage, and two for each of the ten content areas.  That would mean a total of 22 zones.

Let's proceed to create a test zone that we will display our Test Campaign and Test Banner Ad in.

Click Zones, then Add New Zone.  Enter a Zone Name, then enter a width and height.  The width and height should match the size of the banners that you will serve in the zone.  The example banner we used was 468X60 pixels, however, if your sample ad is different then enter the proper size.

Now scroll down to Weighted Campaigns and select the Test Campaign.  Make sure the weighting system is set to Relative and that you entered a weight of 1.

Finally, click Add New Zone to create the zone.


Create the Ad Tags and begin displaying the ads on your web site
Now click back on View Zones to view the zones and make sure your Test Zone was created.  Next to the edit link is a CODE column.  This is the link you click to obtain the ad tags.  The ad tags are then placed on your web site in the location where you want the ads for this zone to appear.

After clicking the CODE link you are presented with many different choices of ad tags.  The first choice is recommended.  If everything was entered properly you should also see your test ad being displayed.

To place the ad tags on your web site, copy the entire set of code from the white box by highlighting the text and using CTRL-V then paste it into the HTML of a test web page.

Congratulations, you just learned the very basics of using Ban Man Pro!


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