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>> Install Ban Man Pro 4.0 for SQL Server

Once purchased, the database and program are emailed to you.  Follow these directions to install and configure Ban Man Pro™.

Install Database

  1. The Ban Man Pro™ database is emailed as script file.   Follow these directions to create the database.
  2. Now add a user for this new database.  support/SQLuser.asp

Install Program

  1. Create a directory off of your main web site.  This directory will house the Ban Man Pro™ software so give it a familiar name such as "banmanpro".  For example, if your domain name is, you might create a directory called
  2. Unzip Ban Man Pro™ into this directory.  Ban Man Pro™ includes several sub-directories.  These include images, zones, ads and help.   You must maintain this directory structure and include the sub-directories.   DO NOT PLACE A COPY OF OUR ZIP FILE ANYWHERE ON YOUR WEB SITE.
  3. Set the permissions for the newly created banman directory to allow files to be browsed and allow scripts to be run. Set these same permissions for the zones directory. 
  4. Update the db.asp (dbconnect.asp in version 2.0 and earlier) script to specify your database connection.  Microsoft recommends the second connection (OLE DB) as this provides the best performance.  If you prefer to use an ODBC DSN connection then follow these directions. 
  5. If using SSI mode, perform this step otherwise skip.   Because Ban Man Pro™ must write some files using the FileSystemObject, you must make the proper security settings to permit this in the zones directory as described here.  Also, in order to use the file upload component, you must specify the same permissions on the ads folder.
  6. Open the application in your browser ( and set the preferences and change the administrative name and password.  The username and password are currently set to Admin1/Admin1.  DO NOT use "admin" for neither the username nor the password.  This switches the program into demo mode and will not allow you to make changes to the database.
  7. Now proceed to the getting started guide available from the Ban Man Pro™ Help menu and be sure to update your preferences to reflect your particular server settings.  The preferences define important parameters used throughout the program.  You can begin by adding an advertiser, banner, campaign and zone in this order.
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