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Ban Man Pro™ uses an intuitive approach for organizing Advertiser, Banners, Campaigns, and Zones.  We have termed this the A-B-C-Z approach.

Advertisers includes all information about the advertiser including: company name, description, web site, contact, contact's email, login name/password for viewing statistics, address, telephone, and fax information.

Banners are assigned to each advertiser.   An unlimited number of banners can be specified for each advertiser and this includes information such as:  banner ad description, target URL, image URL, text to display when mouse is hovered over image, height, width, border, alignment, optional text to display underneath, and whether or not to launch a new instance of the browser when the banner is clicked.

Campaigns are simply a group of banners specific to an advertiser.  A campaign includes the following information:   campaign name, advertiser, included banners, banner weighting, start/end date, type of campaign (Flat Rate, CPM, or Per Click), quantity purchased by advertiser, cost, days of week to display campaign, and daily start/end time.

Zones are a group of campaigns.   Typically zones are created for the various pages throughout your web site.   For example, you might have a Homepage Zone, Product Page Zone, etc.   Multiple campaigns can be assigned to each zone and weighted differently.   Zone information includes description, page URL, mode (Server Side Include or HTML), and campaigns along with their weighting.

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