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>> Purchase Ban Man Pro Un-Compiled License

Ban Man Pro Version 14.0 is written in ASP.NET and VB.NET.  The application is fully compiled when purchased for the standard fee.  The un-compiled version is available for US$4498.  The code is supplied as a Visual Studio.NET 2010 project written in ASP.NET and VB.NET.  Ban Man Pro also uses a 3rd party product called e-payment integrator for processing credit cards.  To utilize this feature you must purchase a developer license for this product:

If you are in the US or Canada, click here to purchase the un-compiled version of Ban Man Pro Version 14.0 using a credit card.  

For International orders, we accept only a certified check or wire transfer.  We cannot accept credit cards for the un-compiled version.  Email us to obtain a pro-forma invoice and our wire transfer details.

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