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How do I call a campaign by Keywords?
Ban Man Pro version 2.0 and higher supports calling campaigns by keywords.  Keywords always take priority over evenly distributed, weighted, and default campaigns.  (For more information on campaign priority, see this article.).  Keyword campaigns are not assigned to zones.

To setup a keyword Campaign...

  1. Add a new campaign and specify the distribution as "Call By Keyword Only".
  2. Specify the keywords to be used by this campaign.  Do not repeat the same keywords for different campaigns.  For example, if a company is purchasing a campaign for a keyword of computers then enter "computers".  If entering multiple keywords, separate them by commas.
  3. Assign the keyword campaign to one or more zones.  [Version 4 and higher]
Note:  Each campaign should have unique keywords in version 2.2 and earlier.  In version 3 and higher Ban Man Pro will rotate among campaigns with the same keywords.  If using Full-Text indexing, they are rotated based on the rank as returned by SQL server.  A higher rank indicates a closer match and will be displayed more often.  In version 4 and higher keyword campaigns are assigned to zones so that you may serve multiple sizes on the same page.


To call a campaign by keyword using the Ban Man Pro Function call, use the syntax:


For example,

GetBanManProAd 71,"","Movies","SSI",0

will retrieve the campaign with the keyword Movies.  The ZoneID is optional but recommended.  If a ZoneID or ZoneName is not provided and not campaign is found, a 1X1 pixel image is served.  If a ZoneID or ZoneName is provided, Ban Man Pro can still serve an ad in the event that no valid keyword campaign is found. 

To call a campaign using the Advanced Javascript code, non cache defeating code, and the HTML code, you must take on the following to each URL containing the GET statement:


For example, &Keywords=Movies to retrieve a campaign containing the word movies.

Here is a complete example using the non-cache defeating code...

<!-- Begin Ban Man Pro Banner Code - TestKeywords -->
&Task=Get&PageID=52913&Keywords=Movies" width=150 height=110 Marginwidth=0 
Marginheight=0 Hspace=0 Vspace=0 Frameborder=0 Scrolling=No>
<NOSCRIPT><a href="
&Mode=HTML&PageID=52913" target="_new">
<img src="
&Mode=HTML&PageID=52913&Keywords=Movies" width="150" height="110" border="0"></a>
<!-- End Ban Man Pro Banner Code - TestKeywords -->

Note:  Calling campaigns by keyword is only available in Ban Man Pro 2.0 and higher.

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