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High click Rates
Some times I get unrealistically high click rates?  A review of the click detail report shows they are coming from the same IP address.
Your site is probably being hit by a spider that keeps clicking on the same image over and over.  Also, there are many new products on the market that allow you to download an entire web site to your computer so that you can view it off-line.  These products also tend to cause the same problem. 

How Can I determine if this is what is happening?

Create a report for a campaign with high click rates for a given day.  Select the report type as Click Detail.  Browse through the report and see if many of the request are coming from the same IP address.

How can I fix this?

Version 2.0 or higher -- In version 2.0 you can simply set the parameter "Require Unique Clicks Every X Hours" in the Ban Man Pro preferences to a value greater than zero.  When set to 1 hour, if the same user clicks on the same ad multiple times it only counts once.

Version 1.1.2-1.2.7 -- In Ban Man Pro version 1.1.2-1.2.7 this parameter is not yet exposed through the interface and must be changed manually.  To do this, edit the file called BANMAN.ASP in the Ban Man Pro root directory.  Look for the following information....

'Determine if user is clicking same banner multiple times, only insert record once
'****Number of hours between clicks from each user*********
'setting to zero will record each and every click, 12 makes them unique in 12 hours
'valid values are integers 0,1,2....12...etc.

Edit the value of intUniqueClickHour to the number of hours in which you want unique clicks.  A value of 1 is typically a good number.

Note, if you version of BanMan.ASP does not support this, email us for an update.


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