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Ad Code Available
What types of code are available for serving ads and which is right for me?
In version 1.2.5 and higher of Ban Man Pro we provide a wide range of ad serving code.  Which one you choice depends on many factors.  For example, if you want to serve rich media ads then you cannot use simple HTML code.  If you want to defeat caching within browsers then you must use cache-defeating code.

What is the PageID?  The first three code samples require a PageID.  This page ID is required to properly track which banners a user has viewed in non-JavaScript browsers as well as some older Netscape browsers.

Where does the PageID go?  All code generated by Ban Man Pro will already display the proper syntax for the required PageID's.  It will also insert a random number for the PageID.  You only need to replace this number if you will be repeating the same code across multiple pages.  You simply vary the number from one page to the next by incrementing the number.  Keep in mind the number appears in several places within each code snippet.  The easiest way to create a new random number is to click Refresh on your browser while viewing a zone of interest.  Ban Man Pro will automatically regenerate the ad code with a new random number. Please note that when the code is generated it already contains a random PageID.  You only need to alter it if placing the same zone code on multiple pages.

What form must he PageID take?  The PageID can be any random integer.  Values can range from 1 up to 99999.  Please keep in mind the numbers are completely arbitrary and they simply need to vary from one page to the next.

Advanced Java Script Code
This code is the most flexible of the browser side codes that we offer.  This code also provides the best performance from a server standpoint in both memory usage and the speed of delivery of ads.  This code is capable of serving up rich media ads.  The browser type is determined using JavaScript on the client side and then determines what type of ad to pull based on the browser.  Be careful when placing this code on your pages as outlined here so that it appears properly in Netscape 3.  This code also defeats the cache all the time when reloading a page, even MOST of the time when clicking back on your browser.  IE browsers may not reload a new image when clicking back.  This code will maximize the number of impressions served by your web site.


Advanced Java Script Code Highlights

Requires a large amount of code 
Must be carefully placed to work with all browsers 
Can serve rich media ads 
Can serve ads on any server, local or remote 
Defeats browser cache rather well 

Here is a sampling of this code:

<!-- Begin Ban Man Pro Banner Code -->
var browName = navigator.appName;
var browVersion = parseInt(navigator.appVersion);
var ua=navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase();
var adcode='';
if (browName=='Netscape'){
if ((browVersion>=4)&&(ua.indexOf("mac")==-1))
{ document.write('<S'+'CRIPT src="http://bc01/banmanprosql/banman.asp?ZoneID=19&Task=Get&
document.write(adcode); }
else if (browVersion>=3) 
{ document.write('<A HREF="http://bc01/banmanprosql/banman.asp?ZoneID=19&Task=Click
&Mode=HTML" target="_new"><IMG SRC="http://bc01/banmanprosql/banman.asp?ZoneID=19&Task=Get&
Mode=HTML&fightcache=' + (new Date()).getTime() + '" width="468" height="60" border="0"></A>'); } }
if (browName=='Microsoft Internet Explorer')
{ document.write('<ifr'+'ame src="http://bc01/banmanprosql/banman.asp?ZoneID=19&Task=Get" width=468 height=60 Marginwidth=0 Marginheight=0 Hspace=0 Vspace=0 Frameborder=0 Scrolling=No></ifr'+'ame>'); }
// --> 
<a href="http://bc01/banmanprosql/banman.asp?ZoneID=19&Task=Click&
PageID=73886" target="_new">
<img src="http://bc01/banmanprosql/banman.asp?ZoneID=19&Task=Get&
PageID=73886" width="468" height="60" border="0"></a>
<!-- End Ban Man Pro Banner Code -->

Non Cache Defeating Code
Similar to the Advanced JavaScript, this code can serve rich media ads.  The drawback is this code does not defeat the browser cache when clicking back on your browser.   This code is useful if you are dynamically generating your pages and can tag on the random PageID number using code.  Please note that in this code the PageID appears in 4 places.  This code is also useful if you aren't concerned about browser caching.   


Non Cache Defeating Code Highlights

Does Not defeat cache 
Can serve rich media ads 
Can serve ads on any server, local or remote 
Code is fairly compact 

Here is a sample of this code:

<!-- Begin Ban Man Pro Banner Code -->
<IFRAME SRC="http://bc01/banmanprosql/banman.asp?ZoneID=19
&PageID=73886" width=468 height=60 Marginwidth=0 Marginheight=0 Hspace=0 Vspace=0 Frameborder=0 Scrolling=No>
<SCRIPT LANGUAGE='JAVASCRIPT1.1' SRC="http://bc01/banmanprosql/banman.asp?ZoneID=19&Task=Get&
<NOSCRIPT><a href="http://bc01/banmanprosql/banman.asp?ZoneID=19&Task=Click
&PageID=73886" target="_new">
<img src="http://bc01/banmanprosql/banman.asp?ZoneID=19&Task=Get
&PageID=73886" width="468" height="60" border="0"></a>
<!-- End Ban Man Pro Banner Code -->

Simple HTML
The simple HTML code can only be used for serving image ads.  The benefits of this code are that it is quite simple.  You must make sure that you replace the PageID with a unique number on each and every web page.  This is required to ensure that when a person clicks on the image they are taken to the correct URL. This code does allow browsers to cache images when clicking back on your browser.  We do not recommend using this simple code as it requires session variables in order to keep track of which banners each visitor has viewed.  Some browsers also cache the links and may be taken to the wrong URL when clicking an ad.  We highly recommend the first two choices of code over this one.


Simple HTML Code

Does not defeat cache
Cannot serve rich media ads/ can only serve images
Uses session variables which decreases server performance
Can serve ads on any server, local or remote 
Very compact code 

A sample of this code might look like:

<!-- Begin Ban Man Pro Banner Code -->
<a href="http://bc01/banmanprosql/banman.asp?ZoneID=19&Task=Click&
&PageID=73886" target="_new">
<img src="http://bc01/banmanprosql/banman.asp?ZoneID=19&Task=Get&
&PageID=73886" width="468" height="60" border="0"></a>
<!-- End Ban Man Pro Banner Code -->

Server Side Include
This is probably the most flexible of all the code because all pages are rendered on the server before being sent back to the browser.  The drawback of this code is that you can only serve a web site URL at which Ban Man Pro has been installed.  Another drawback is that this only works from within ASP pages.  Lastly, another drawback can be performance.  The main Ban Man Pro script is 50KB in size and if including that script on multiple pages the server performance can suffer and the memory usage will increase quite a bit because of IIS caching.  If showing more than 1 zone on the same page we do not recommend this code.  If showing 4 zones on the same page, for example, your .ASP script is increased to over 200KB in size.  The three types of code above can serve ads to any web page whether or not it is on the same server.  

Server Side Include Code

Can only serve sites on same server as software 
Can only serve ads on .ASP pages 
Can serve any type of ads
Code is very compact 

A simple SSI statement looks like:

<!--#include virtual="/banmanprosql/zones/banmanzone19.asp"-->

ASP Function Call
This is similar to the SSI mode, however, this allows you to include the main Ban Man Pro script (banmanfunc.asp) just once and to call ads in many different ways.  This is preferred over the SSI call because you only include the 50KB main script once per page.
Sponsorship Code [Version 4 and higher]
Serves all campaigns in a zone and rotates them up the page with each refresh. Change CountImpressions to False if you do not want to count impressions.  Change Total=0 to the total number of banners to display.  0 will display all banners in the zone.  For example, if you have 8 banners in the zone and only want to display four at-a-time then set Total=4.


Non-IFRAME Java Code [Version 4 and higher]
Serves any type of banner including rich media.  This code uses a simple Javascript SRC call and does not make use of the IFRAME.


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