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How do I serve flash banners and track clicks?  Note:  The following requires version 1.2.3 and higher of Ban Man Pro.  Also, you must be using either the SSI mode, Function Call, or JavaScript code for serving the ads.  Flash ads cannot be served using simple HTML.
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Follow these steps precisely:
  1. If you would like to track clicks, you must first prepare your SWF file so that the URL can be dynmically passed to the flash SWF file.  For information on performing this step, click here.
  2. From within the Ban Man Pro administrative management console, select the banners folder, then Create A new banner using the Advanced option
  3. Select an Advertiser and Enter a description
  4. Copy and paste your flash code into the box labeled Ad Code.  

    A sample of code that works well is shown below.  This code does not detect whether or not Flash is installed and therefore the browser may prompt the user to download flash.  Click here for a sample that detects if the browser supports flash.

    In this code you must modify the flash file name from http://www.yourdomain.com/banner.swf to the name of your flash file.  This modification is made in two locations.  Please use the FULL URL to the SWF file.  The ?url=[BanManProURL] is used so that Ban Man Pro can track the clicks on the flash file.  You must program your flash file so the clicks can be tracked by following these directions.

    You must also modify the width and height of your flash file in two locations.

  5. Specify the Target URL where of the advertiser's site.  This is the URL the person is sent to when clicking the flash file.
  6. Check the box "Use code above in Netscape" box as different code must be specified for Netscape 4  browsers.  Netscape requires the code be JavaScript only and it can not contain any comment fields.
  7. In the Image Source field, specify the Image source of an alternative image to be used by browsers that do not support JavaScript.
  8. Specify the width and height of the ad.
  9. You are now ready to create a campaign and begin serving your flash banner. 


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