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>> How do I track clicks in flash banners?
Note: If you are having trouble with the Flash Click not working, please make sure you saved the flash movie in version 9 or earlier and NOT Version 10.  Also, please update your flash ad template in the Admin Setup/Ad Templates area with this code that adds the allowScriptAccess=always setting:

This is necessary when the movie is served at a different domain that where it is hosted.


Note: Tracking clicks using this methodology requires Ban Man Pro Version 3.02 and higher.  Ban Man Pro 2.2 users may obtain a patch to support this.  Please email us to obtain the patch or latest version.
Important Note: The variable name you choose for click tracking is very important and must be communicated with the web site owner who will enter the ad into Ban Man Pro.  Not only is the name important but so is the case.  For example, URL is not the same as url.  ClickTag, clickTAG, and ClickTag are all different because of the case differences.  This is the number one mistake made with flash movies.

All Flash .swf files should be exported/saved in version 9.0 or earlier.  Do not save in version 10.

The Internteractive Advertising Bureau has come up with a "Universal clickTag" that is not case-sensitive and we recommend you follow their instructions.  Then, when adding the flash banner into Ban Man Pro, choose the click tracking variable name of ClickTAG.

Alternatively, you may use our instructions below:

Action Script 3
Flash CS3
Instructions for Flash MX
Instructions for Older Versions of Flash

Action Script 3  Note: When using Action Script 3 the flash movie should be saved in a version of 9 or earlier.  Saving in version 10 the click will only work if the flash movie is stored at the same URL as which the ad is being served otherwise the click will not work for security reasons.
  1. Select the button object on the stage that you wish to use and in the properties panel assign it an instance name (empty by default).  In this example we will call it myButton

  2. Since you can’t directly apply an actionscript to an object with 3.0, you must select the first frame of a layer on the main stage (ideally the layer containing your button) and in the actionscript panel insert this code, replacing the variable “myButton” with the button’s instance name you assigned (if you did not use "myButton".)


In a nutshell the first line of code retrieves the http link from the site the flash is in and creates a url variable, the second line executes the last when the button is clicked on, and the third line actually sends the browser to the url variable created by the first line."


Flash CS3
Create a button or movie clip button
For more information on creating a button in Flash, see Create a button.


Add a script to the button
Executes when a user clicks the banner. You might use the getURL() function to open a new browser window.  Make sure url is NOT IN QUOTES.

Note: This script must be placed in an Action layer.
myButton_btn.onRelease = function(){
	getURL(url, "_blank");

Please see the Adobe Help files for additional info.

Flash MX Instructions
  1. Create a new bottom layer; make it the full pixel size of the ad and fill it with the desired background color.
  2. Click once on the new layer to select it – then right click and choose ‘Convert to Symbol…’

    The following dialogue box will be displayed:

  3. Give the Symbol a name (like Click Through) and then choose 'Button' for the Behavior. Hit OK.
  4. Down in the ‘Actions - Button’ section, go into the ‘Actions’ menu, then into the ‘Movie Control’ menu, then choose ‘on’ by double clicking.
  5. If the Event ‘Release’ is not checked, Check it.

  6. Still within the ‘Actions’ menu, go into the ‘Browser/Network’ menu and choose ‘getURL’ by double clicking.

  7. getURL has four components – URL, Expression, Window, and Variables.
    • For URL enter the variable url.
    • Check the Expression box next to the URL field.
    • For Window select _blank from the drop down box.
    • For Variables, leave ‘Don’t send’ selected.

    Make sure url is not in quotes as shown above.


Instructions for Older Versions of Flash
Follow these steps precisely to modify your flash file to support tracking clicks:
  1. From with Macromedia's flash editor, open your .fla file.
  2. With the mouse pointer, select the Frame or object that you would like to track the click on.
  3. From the Modify Menu, select Instance. The Instance Properties screen will appear.
  4. Select the Button symbol and select Button under behavior.  The Actions tab should now appear.
  5. Click the Actions tab.
  6. Click the button  then select On MousEvent.  On the right side next to Event" check the box Press.
  7. Click the button once more and select Get URL
  8. In the URL: box, enter "url" in lower case letters.  Do NOT enter your company URL but rather the word "url".
  9. Next to Window: select "_blank".  This is necessary to ensure the Click event jumps outside the IFRAME if the banner is being served in an IFRAME.
  10. Make sure Variables: is set to Don't Send.
  11. Click the button on the right side of the URL: field and select Expression.  Do not do the same for the box next to the Window field.

  12. Click the OK box to accept the changes.
  13. Proceed to publish or export your .SWF movie and upload the file to your ad server.

    Congratulations!  You are now ready to begin serving your FLASH movie in Ban Man Pro.

If you are looking for a 3rd party product that allows you to add the click tracking in an existing SWF file, please checkout SoThink SWF Quicker.


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