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>> Controlling the size of the banmanproSQL Log Files

SQL 2000, 2005, and 2008

In SQL 2000+ there are two options for controlling the log file.  The first is to set the recovery mode to simple.  If choosing this option make sure you are an advanced SQL user and understand the consequences.  This will discontinue all logging which means recovery is only possible if you have frequent backups.  At minimum you need a daily backup so you never loose more than a days worth of data in the event of a server failure.

The safest way to control the log file is to create a backup of the log each night by creating a maintenance plan.  Upon completion of the backup the SQL log starts over in size.  Since keeping the backups more than a day is not necessary, you can set the maintenance plan to delete old backups.  It is also very important that you are backing up the database on a daily basis.

Also, you can set the database to Auto-Shrink in order to help control the size of the log.  If you are serving a very large number of banners this option can cause a performance decrease.  To set this option, Right-click on the database then select properties.  Under the Options folder select Auto Shrink.

SQL 7.0

Left uncontrolled the banmanproSQL Log Files will grow forever until the hard drive is filled.  To prevent this, you should setup the database to periodically truncate the log file as well as limit the size of the log file.

  1. In Enterprise Manager, right click on the database of interest (banmanproSQL) then right mouse-click on the database and select properties.
    3.bmp (384594 bytes)
  2. Under the Options folder, check the box for "Truncate Log on Checkpoint".
  3. Also select "Auto Shrink" to periodically shrink the database and log files.

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