>> How does the online purchasing option function?
How does the online purchasing option function? (Version 4 and higher)
Ban Man Pro version 4 includes a basic option for advertisers to purchase advertising directly from your web site.  The system automatically inserts the new advertiser into Ban Man Pro when making the purchase.  Future versions may include the option for them to login as a user and upload their banners.  For now you must manually create a user account if you wish to allow them to upload their banners.
Note:  The online purchasing option should only be used if your web site uses an SSL certificate and supports the HTTPS protocol.  This is necessary because advertisers will submit their credit card information when making a purchase.
How do I implement the online purchasing option?
  1. You should begin by enabling the option in the Ban Man Pro setup area by checking the option "Enable Online Purchasing of Advertising:"

  2. Next, setup the quantity, type, and price for the advertising you will accept.  To do this you must modify the file called onlinepurchasing.asp.  You will find this file in the folder where you installed Ban Man Pro.  Modify this file in an HTML editor such as FrontPage.  Modify the drop-down menu called: AdvertisingType

    Specify all the different options you will accept.  Each option MUST post the following information for the value: type,quantity,cost

    Acceptable values for type are:
    CPM Use this option for advertising that expires based on quantity and is being charged based on thousands of impressions.  For example, "CPM,50000,$500" would imply 50,000 impressions being sold at a cost of $500.  Pass the total quantity and the total cost, not the cost per thousand.
    CPC Use this option for advertising sold on a Per Click basis.  For example, "CPC,1000,$100" would imply a purchase of 1000 clicks at a total cost of $100.  Do not pass the cost per click but rather the total cost.
    Flat Rate Use this option if the advertiser is purchasing flat rate advertising where the quantity is not limited.  In this case pass 0 for the quantity.  For example, "Flat Rate,0,$1000" could be used for $1000 worth of flat rate advertising.

    There is no limit to the number of each type of advertising you could offer.  Once you have completed the modifications save the file back to the web folder holding Ban Man Pro. 

  3. Now you should place a test order and make sure the sale is registered.  Once a sale has been registered it can be viewed by editing the advertiser in Ban Man Pro.  A message of This advertiser has placed X orders.  View Details. is displayed right above the company name if the advertiser has placed any online orders.  Click the View Details link to view the credit card information.  The information is displayed using the secure protocol (HTTPS) because the credit card information is displayed.  An email is also sent to the Ban Man Pro administrator with the information submitted by the advertiser.

  4. Now that the system has been tested, you are ready to link your advertising information page of your web site to the purchase form.  Create a link pointing to onlinepurchasing.asp.  ONLY use the HTTPS protocol to link to the page so the purchasing process is secure.  For example, https://www.yourdomain.com/banmanpro/onlinepurchasing.asp.
Note: An email is automatically sent to the Administrator of Ban Man Pro each time a sale is made.  This email contains all information excluding the credit card data.

Note: All credit card information is stored in the database using encryption.  

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