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What is the Ban Man Pro Slot Option?
Some sites, most specifically in the software development community, sell their ad space on a slot basis.  For example, suppose my site receives 100,000 impressions per month.  If I have sold three slots for next month to three advertisers, then each advertiser will get approximately 100,000 impressions.  As the number of advertisers increases, the number of impressions each advertiser receives will decrease (assuming no change in web site traffic).  Typically the site will also guarantee a minimum number of impressions to each advertiser.  In the event that their guarantee is not met in a given month, the ad continues running until delivering on the promised amount.

If you choose the Slot Option in the Ban Man Pro preferences, you must also define the guaranteed impressions per slot. Also, when choosing this option, the campaigns and zone screens will be slightly different.  The campaigns screen allows you to define the number of slots rather than the number of impressions.  The zones screen allows you to select the campaigns to display, but does not require any weightings.

Important Note:  It is recommended that you determine which option you will be using, then implement.  Switching between the Slot option and the standard mode is not recommended once you have entered some campaigns into Ban Man Pro.  We have not tested the transfer of data between the two modes.  By switching to the Slot Option, you can no longer weight campaigns in a zone, or specify the distribution.

Note: Ban Man Pro version 3 and higher includes a relative weighting system option at the zone level.  This option is similar to the slot option and therefore makes the slot option obsolete.

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