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How do I create text Links in Ban Man Pro?
Static Text Links
Version 2.0+ of Ban Man Pro has full support for static text links. Follow these steps to create one.
  1. From the Banners screen, add a new banner and under type Select Text Link Ad.  Select an advertiser, specify a description, target URL and link text.
  2. From the Campaigns screen, add a new campaign and select the type as Static Text.
  3. Once the new campaign is added, click View All under campaigns or select the appropriate advertiser from the drop down menu.  Find the campaign that was just created and select the Link button. View Static Code
  4. The static ad serving code is presented.  Copy and paste this onto your web page where you want the link to appear.  Both impressions and clicks will be counted for this static link.
Rotating Links
Follow these steps to create rotating text links.
  1. From the banners screen, add a new banner using the ADD ADVANCED option.  
    Select an advertiser, provide a description, then manually enter the HTML code for this link. 
  2. Specify the Target URL where the user will be taken when clicking the link.
  3. Specify the width and height of the white space. (This is required if you will be serving the ads using the Advanced Javascript code.  This will not be used if using the SSI mode.  Note that you cannot rotate text links unless you are using the SSI ad code, or the JavaScript, or the non-cache defeating code.  The simple HTML code does not support rotation of text links).
  4. If using the Advanced Javascript code, you must also specify an Image Source to be shown to browsers that do not support dynamic content.  SSI users can place any random information in this field as it will not be used.
  5. Lastly, place the raw HTML code for your link in the Ad Code field.  In place of the target URL, place [BanManProURL] including the brackets and the proper capitaliztion.  Ban Man Pro will dynamically insert the link and thus track click through information.  If you do not do this the clicks will not be counted.
  6. Now create a standard campaign which includes this banner as well as a zone to rotate the link within.

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