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>> How Do I Track Clicks in Advanced Banners?

Ban Man Pro allows you to dynamically insert the target URL in order to track click throughs for advanced banners.  This includes some third-party ad code, Java Banners, Flash Banners, etc.  The code will often be provided with the actual target URL already in the code.  Once you have added the banner into Ban Man Pro using the Advanced Banner Option, place the target URL in the Target URL field.  Next, replace the actual target URL in the ad code with [BanManProURL].  Ban Man Pro will dynamically insert the URL in order to track the clicks before redirecting the user to the actual URL.

What if I have multiple target URL's?

For this we provide the parameter called BanManProRedirect.  Here is an example of how it is used.

For example, if there are 3 URLs in an advanced banner such as...

You would make them...


We also developed it with ASP developers in mind and if your redirect URL contains the "?" or "&" it must be replaced with BMPQString or BMPAMPSAND respectively because otherwise the redirects will not work properly.  The [BanManProURL] will dynamically insert the URL to count the click in Ban Man Pro, and then the user will be redirected to the URL that appears after "BanManProRedirect=".

NOTE:  You must be using Ban Man Pro version 1.2 and higher in order to use this feature.  Contact us if you need this version.

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