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Top Support Questions:

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How do I serve Ban Man Pro ads in native iPhone Apps and use the Auto-Refresh
How do I serve Ban Man Pro ads in native Android Apps
How do I implement companion ads?
How do I track clicks with Double Click Ad Tags?
How do I track clicks in Atlas DMT Tags?
How do I track clicks with PointRoll Ads?
Click Discrepancies between Ban Man Pro and 3rd Party Analytics Software
Stats Discrepancies between Ban Man Pro and Double Click
How do I prevent flash movies from displaying a message of "Click to activate and use this control"?
How do I display a popup or pop under advertisement?
How do I display a flash banner?
How do I track clicks in Flash banners?
How do I begin using Geo-Targeting/Importing Geo-targeting data?
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Invalid postback or callback argument
Error or Blank screen when trying to import Geo-Targeting Data
The request filtering module is configured to deny a request that exceeds the request content length
Does Ban Man Pro work with DotNetNuke?
How do I use the new demographic targeting feature in version 8.0?
How do I enable the version 8 optimization feature?
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How do I create a custom language file or modify the text of an existing language file?
Can I run BanManPro on load-balanced servers?
Installing Ban Man Pro in a Sharepoint web site

Other Support Articles:

How do I call a campaign by keywords?
Where do I find the zone code to place on my web pages?
Explanation of the various types of ad tags for serving banners
How do I limit the number of times a banner is shown to each visitor?
What ad tags should be used in HTML emails?
How Does the Ban Man Pro Smoothing Algorithm Operate?
How Do I Track Clicks in Advanced Banners?
How does the online purchasing option function?
How Do I Insert a Random Number into 3rd Party Ad Code?
How do I track the Return on Investment (ROI) or Acquisitions for a campaign?
How does Ban Man Pro detect Spiders?
How do I perform Timed Rotation of Banners?
Explanation of the various campaign weighting systems
Error when using the Ban Man Pro .net control: "The virtual path '/banmanpro/ctlDisplayAd.ascx' maps to another application, which is not allowed."

SQL Server Issues:

Could not allocate space for object 'Clicks' in database 'banmanproSQL' because the 'PRIMARY' filegroup is full.

Controlling SQL Log File Size

Login Failed for User 'BanManProSQL', Not Associated with a trusted SQL Server Connection.

Installation Issues:

Installation Instructions
How do I add WRITE permissions to the image upload folder?
How do I create the Ban Man Pro Application Starting Point?

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Help Documentation:

Support Articles for Discontinued Versions

How-To Support Articles: 

What Dynamic Variables does Ban Man Pro support?

How do I enable and use Geo-Targeting?

How do I use the frequency cap option?

How do I use the Tooltip Ad feature?

How do I enter a flash banner?

How do I use demographic or profile targeting?

How do I call a campaign by keywords?

How do I apply Competitor Exclusions?

How do I display Companion Ads?

How do I enter a Flash Banner with multiple Links?

How does the PayPal processing feature work for online purchases?

How do I enter a Text Sponsorship Ad?

Passing Custom Fields/Variables in the ad tags and in the Target URL

How do I prevent duplicate ads across multiple zones on a given page?

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