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>> Click Discrepancies between Ban Man Pro and 3rd Party Analytics Software

In some cases advertisers complain that their analytics software shows far fewer clicks than what are reported by Ban Man Pro.  Most analytics packages simply rely on the Referrer header to determine where the traffic came from and unfortunately this tracking method is not accurate.

What are some of the reasons for these discrepancies?

  • Spiders/Bots: If you have not enabled the Ban Man Pro option to detect and filter spiders and bots, they can cause huge discrepancies.  The reason is the click from the spider or bot is recorded in Ban Man Pro but the spider does not follow through to the advertiser's web site.  This leads to much higher number in Ban Man Pro than the advertiser's web site shows.
  • Browser Limitations: Not all browsers support and pass the referrer header.  Most recent Internet browsers typically pass along a referrer header when a user clicks an ad and is taken to the advertiser's site. This referrer header indicates what site the user came from.  However, some older versions of Internet Explorer and Netscape do not support this functionality and will not send this information.  Some versions of Internet Explorer may also remove this header for security reasons, depending on the level of security the user has set on their browser.  Also, some users have 3rd party software products installed that remove this header.
  • Referrer Header Lost on Redirect: Ban Man Pro uses a redirect to track clicks.  When an ad is clicked the user is taken to the location where you installed Ban Man Pro.  Next, we track the click then redirect the browser to the advertiser's web site.  During this process the referrer header can be lost.
  • Your Company Firewall may be stripping the Referrer Header:  Recent firewalls have begun stripping this header for security purposes.  Consult with your firewall documentation to determine if this is the case.
  • The user's personal virus/firewall software may be removing the Referrer Header: Two of the most common virus/firewall software products are from McAffee and Norton.  Both will remove the referrer header by default which makes it impossible for the advertiser to see that the click came from your site. 

How can the Advertiser obtain more accurate stats in their analytics software?

Because the Referrer header can be lost due to the above-stated reasons, your options are to work around the problem and use an alternative tracking mechanism.

There are two options:

  1. The first would be to setup a separate entry or doorway page to their web site that only you will send traffic to.  That way the total page views on that page would equate to the number of clicks you sent them.
  2. The second would be to pass some unique tag in the querystring that identifies your site as the source of the traffic.  Before using this method the advertiser should confirm what syntax their analytics software expects.  For example, if the current Target URL is:

    You might use:

Tracking with Google Analytics

If using google analytics, you must use the Analytics link builder at the link below to build a proper link that will recognize you as the source of the traffic.

Here is an example of what a link might look like:




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