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>> Stats Discrepancies between Ban Man Pro and Double Click

In some cases advertisers complain that ads served through Ban Man Pro using Double Click tags result in impressions and click discrepancies.

Click Discrepancies

First, verify that you have used the proper Double Click tags that allow you to track the clicks in both Double Click and Ban Man Pro.  Click here for those instructions.

Next, the primary reason for discrepancies is the case where Double Click is filtering out Spiders/Bots yet you have not turned on that feature in Ban Man Pro.  For more information on the Ban Man Pro Spider/Bot detection option please click here.  If you have not enabled the Ban Man Pro option to detect and filter spiders and bots, they can cause huge discrepancies.  The reason is the click from the spider or bot is recorded in Ban Man Pro but not recorded in Double Click.  This will result in Higher impressions and clicks in Ban Man Pro.

Impression Discrepancies

Overall impression discrepancies are mostly due to browser caching, ad blockers and Spiders/bots. 

Regarding browser caching, our software uses a Document.Write statement to write the ad tags to the browser.  This causes the browser to call a new ad each time the person hits a new page or hits back in their browser.  Because the DoubleClick tags are not using a javascript document.write tag there are times when a person hits back, ours serves up their ad tags yet the browser never calls double click.  This results in our impressions being higher.  The second cause is ad blockers.  DoubleClick is far more widely known then us and this results in our ad tags not being blocked, we then serve up their ad tags which are recognized by the ad blocker and then blocked.  This too causes our stats to be higher.   

Finally,  the Spiders/Bots issue is the same as clicks and by turning on the option the impression stats will come closer to matching Double Click.  There will likely still be impression discrepancies due to browser caching and ad blockers but how much is unknown until you implement the spider option.  Once you do implement and know the discrepancy difference then you will need to over serve the campaign in order to provide Double Click and the advertiser with the required quantity.

Once additional thing that can cause a disrepancy is if Double Click has implemented a frequency cap on the campaign, or limited it to specific geographic locations.  If they have implemented such conditions you should place the same restrictions on the campaign in Ban Man Pro.


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