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>> Passing Custom Fields/Variables in the ad tags and in the Target URL

Ban Man Pro Version 10 introduced the option to include custom fields in the ad tags.  These custom fields can then be passed to the advertisers web site when the user clicks.  Up to 3 custom fields are supported.

To setup the ad tags to include the custom variables, click Zones then CODE next to the zone of interest.  Check the box "Include Custom Fields"

This will add the variables to the ad tags which can now be placed on your web site.  Within the ad tags you will see:

var Custom1 = escape('your_customfield1_here');
var Custom2 = escape('your_customfield2_here');
var Custom3 = escape('your_customfield3_here');



Replace the text shown in red with your custom values.

Finally, to pass the custom values onto the advertisers site, edit the banner of interest and embed the value using the syntax of [Custom1] [Custom2] or [Custom3] including the square brackets.

For example:[Custom1]

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