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>> BanManPro Ad Server Software with Demographic and Profile Targeting

BanManPro 8 and higher offers an demographic/profile targeting option.  Demographic targeting allows for ad serving of targeted ads based on a user profile or other information you may have stored about your users.  For example, if you collect information such as gender, age, household income, etc. you can pass BanManPro this information and target ads based on the value.

Enabling the Demographic Targeting Feature

Demographic targeting must first be enabled in the BanManPro setup area under the Demographic Targeting tab. 

Banner Management Software with Demographic and Profile Targeting

Defining the Demographic Fields

Once enabled, up to 4 demographic fields can be defined and targeted.  Field types include:

  • Text -- An example would be gender where defined values would be Male and Female.
    Ad Server Software with demographic targeting
  • Number -- An example might be number of siblings where you might define values of 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 etc.
  • Range -- An example would be age groups where you define ranges such as <13, 14-22, 23-35, >35, etc.
  • Call by Value -- This is used when you want to just pass the internal DemographicID to BanManPro.  For example, if you create a demographic field for Gender and Male is DemographicID=1 and Female is DemographicID=2 then you would pass values of 1 or 2.
  • URL: Full URL -- Use this option to target based on the Full URL of the page making the request.  For example, a full URL might appear as:
  • URL: HostName -- Use this option to target based on the hostname appearing in the URL making the request for the ad.  In the example above, the hostname would be
  • URL: Pathname -- Use this option to target based on the pathname appearing in the URL.  In the example above, the pathname is somepath/somefile.asp?ID=123&ID2=456

Passing Demographic Values to BanManPro

Once you have enabled and setup your demographic fields you must now pass values in the BanManPro ad tags.  To create ad tags with the demographic variables, click Zones then CODE as you ordinarily would create your ad tags.  Next, click the "Include Demographic Targeting fields" checkbox.

When choosing a field type of URL the parameter value is automatically passed in the ad tags using javascript.

Now choose the ad tags you desire.  An example set of ad tags is shown below.  The fields highlighted in RED must be replaced with the actual passed demographic value.  If you are not using all 4 fields then just pass an empty string in the unused fields.

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
var browName = navigator.appName;
var SiteID = 1;
var ZoneID = 9;
var browDateTime = (new Date()).getTime();
var DG1 = escape('demographic_field1_here');
var DG2 = escape('demographic_field2_here');
var DG3 = escape('demographic_field3_here');
var DG4 = escape('demographic_field4_here');
if (browName=='Netscape')
document.write('<s'+'cript lang' + 'uage="jav' + 'ascript" src="http://somdomain/a.aspx?
ZoneID=' + ZoneID + '&amp;Task=Get&amp;IFR=False&amp;Browser=NETSCAPE4
&amp;PageID=58623&amp;SiteID=' + SiteID + '&amp;Random=' + browDateTime
+ '&amp;DG1=' + DG1 + '&amp;DG2=' + DG2 + '&amp;DG3=' + DG3
+ '&amp;DG4=' + DG4 + '">'); document.write('</'+'scr'+'ipt>');
if (browName!='Netscape')
document.write('<s'+'cript lang' + 'uage="jav' + 'ascript" src="http://somedomain/a.aspx?
ZoneID=' + ZoneID + '&amp;Task=Get&amp;IFR=False&amp;PageID=58623&amp;SiteID='
+ SiteID + '&amp;Random=' + browDateTime + '&amp;DG1=' + DG1 + '&amp;DG2=' + DG2
+ '&amp;DG3=' + DG3 + '&amp;DG4=' + DG4 + '">'); document.write('</'+'scr'+'ipt>');
// -->
<a href="http://somedomain/a.aspx?ZoneID=9&amp;Task=Click&amp;Mode=HTML&amp;SiteID=1
&DG3=demographic_field3_here&DG4=demographic_field4_here" target="_blank">
<img src="http://somedomain/a.aspx?ZoneID=9&amp;Task=Get&amp;Mode=HTML&amp;SiteID=1
&DG3=demographic_field3_here&DG4=demographic_field4_here" width="468" height="60" border="0" alt=""></a>

Create a Campaign and assign Demographic Values

Once demographic fields have been defined, you can now target campaigns to specific demographics.  When creating/editing a campaign you must choose between No Demographic Targeting, or Targeting with an AND or OR operator.  If you have defined more than 1 demographic field then the AND operator means all fields must match for the campaign to be served, otherwise with the OR operator only one field must match.

In the example below, ads would only be served to Men of age 56 and higher.

Note: When demographic values are passed BanManPro cookies the value for up to 365 days.  This is done so that when a click is later registered the demographic data can still be attached to the click.

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