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>> Can I run BanManPro on Load-Balanced Servers?

Yes, BanManPro can be run on load-balanced servers in order to increase the ad serving capacity.  There are several considerations:
  1. Because the administration console requires sessions for administering the software, you must either limit the administration to a single server or your load-balanced environment must support sessions.
  2. If using the built-in image upload tool, your images must be replicated across each server.
  3. A final consideration is that the automated email reports could be potentially be sent from all servers resulting in multiple copies being sent to the same people.  To overcome this, Ban Man Pro version 9 and higher supports defining a key in the root web.config to define any additional servers as Secondary servers.  This will prevent the secondary servers from triggering the automated email messages.  The key is shown below:

     <add key="LoadBalancedSecondary" value="True"/>
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