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>> Creating an Application Starting Point

IIS Version 7.0
  1. Open Internet Information Services manager.
  2. Expand the web site on the left side.
  3. Find the folder, right click and choose Convert To Application
  4. Select the desired application pool and click OK.
IIS Version 6.0
If you created a new web site to hold Ban Man Pro, by default this new web site is its own application and there is no need to follow these instructions.  If you created a folder off an existing web site, follow these directions to make the folder an application starting point.
  1. Open Internet Information Services.
  2. Find the web site, find the folder, right click the folder and select properties.
  3. Click the Directory folder. 
  4. Under Applications settings, click the Create button.  The application is now created.  Click OK to finish.


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