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>> How do I call a campaign by keywords?

Keyword campaigns always take priority over evenly distributed, weighted, and default campaigns.  (For more information on campaign priority, see this article.).  Keyword campaigns can be assigned to zones if desired in order to limit their display.

To setup a keyword Campaign...

  1. Add a new campaign and specify the distribution as "Call By Keyword Only".  If you wish to serve the impressions using an As Soon As Possible routine, choose "Call By Keywords (No Distribution)".  If you wish to distribute the impressions equally over time, choose "Call By Keywords (Equally Distributed By Day)" in order to spread the impressions out over time.
  2. Specify the keywords to be used by this campaign.  For example, if a company is purchasing a campaign for a keyword of computers then enter "computers".  If entering multiple keywords, separate them by commas.

    Exact Match Keywords -- Enter any exact match keywords or phrases in order to call this ad only for an exact match.  For example, if you enter an exact match phrase of "Ford Escape" and a person searches for "Ford" the campaign will not be served.  It will only be served if "Ford Escape" is searched.

  3. Assign the keyword campaign to one or more zones.
  4. Place the zone tags on your web page and pass the keywords to Ban Man Pro.  To obtain the ad tags, click Zones then choose the CODE link next to the zone of interest.  Check the Include Keywords checkbox as shown below:

  5. Now, copy the first set of ad tags onto your page.  Within those tags find this line of code:
    var Keywords = escape('your_keywords_here');
    Modify the line and dynamically pass your keywords in place of your_keywords_here
    Because this must be set to dynamically pass the keywords this may be something your programmer must do.
Note:  Ban Man Pro will rotate among campaigns with the same keywords.  If using Full-Text indexing, they are rotated based on the rank as returned by SQL server.  A higher rank indicates a closer match and will be displayed more often.  Keyword campaigns are assigned to zones so that you may serve multiple sizes on the same page.


To call a campaign by keyword using the ASP.NET control code, use the syntax:

<%@ Register TagPrefix="ucAdvertisement" TagName="ctlDisplayAd" Src="banmanpro/ctlDisplayAd.ascx" %>
<uc1:ctlDisplayAd id="CtlDisplayAd1" runat="server" ZoneID="9" SiteID="1" Keywords="keyword"></uc1:ctlDisplayAd>

For example,

<uc1:ctlDisplayAd id="CtlDisplayAd1" runat="server" ZoneID="9" SiteID="1" Keywords="movies"></uc1:ctlDisplayAd>

will retrieve the campaign with the keyword Movies.   If a ZoneID or ZoneName is not provided and not campaign is found, a 1X1 pixel image is served.  If a ZoneID or ZoneName is provided, Ban Man Pro can still serve an ad in the event that no valid keyword campaign is found. 
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