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>> How do I Implement Companion Ads?

Companion Ads  

Companion ads basically mean serving multiple ads from the same advertiser at the same time on the same page.  The ads may or may not be related.  In some case the ads can interact with each other if they were programmed to do so.

Here are some general facts and limitations you should be aware of:

  • In version 10, companion ads can apply to unlimited zones.  In version 9 companion ads were limited to two zones on a page, however, you can have multiple sets of companion ad zones on a page.  For example, zone 1 and zone 2 could be companions, and zone 3 and 4.
  • Companion ads are always placed in the same campaign.  Since it is assumed they will be of different sizes, the companion feature requires that the zone be set to "Enforce Size Restrictions" so Ban Man Pro can serve the proper campaign in the proper zone.
  • Companion ads are limited to the Javascript ad tags.  This is necessary because javascript renders in order on the page, while IFRAMES do not.
  • This feature uses cookies to track which companion ad was last served.
  • Companion ads are not supported with default campaigns or keyword campaigns.
  • If placing a frequency cap on the campaign it must be greater than 1 impression to allow both ads to serve on the page.
Vital Note: This feature uses cookies.  For this reason the web site where you install BanManPro must have a P3P privacy policy.  Without this cookies will be blocked in Internet Explorer and the feature will not work.
>> How do I enable the companion ad feature?
To enable the companion ads feature, you must do so under Setup.  By default the feature is turned off in order to enhance performance.

>> Creating a companion ad campaign
Once the companion ad feature has been enabled, you can now create a campaign.  Make sure you select the Companion Campaign checkbox.

Some important considerations regarding the campaign:

  • You must have more than 1 banner in the campaign.  If you don't the checkbox will not remain checked after saving your changes.
  • Companion Campaigns are not available with default campaigns, nor with keyword campaigns.
>> Creating a master companion ad zone
Companion campaigns are served through two unique zones on a page.  The zones are tied together by defining one zone as the master, and then the second zone is related by modifying the PageID to match that of the master zone.

To define the Master Companion Zone, either create a new zone or edit an existing zone and check the "Treat As A Master Companion Zone" checkbox.

Make sure you assign at least one companion campaign to the zone.  Other campaigns can still be served in rotation within these zones.

>> Setting up companion zones on a page
To setup the zones on your page, you must make sure:
  • The master zone appears higher on the page than the related zone.
  • Make sure you checked the  "Treat As A Master Companion Zone" checkbox for the zone that appears highest on the page and that you chose "Enforce Size Restrictions".
  • Make sure the related zone(s) are also set to "Enforce Size Restrictions"
  • The PageID in the master zone must match that of the related zones.  You can either search/replace the pageID, or you can recreate the ad tags and enter a specific PageID for each zone.
  • Finally, you must be using the Non-Iframe Java Code or Encrypted Java Code ad tags to serve the ads.

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