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>> How do I Implement the Competitor Exclusion Feature for blocking competitor ads from showing on the same page?

The competitive exclusion feature is used to prevent competitor ads from showing in another zone on the same page.  It can also be used to prevent different campaigns from the same advertiser from showing on the same page.

Here are some general facts and limitations you should be aware of:

  • The competitor exclusion feature is limited to 9 zones on a page.
  • This feature is limited to use with the Non-IFrame Javascript ad tags or Encrypted JavaScript Code.  This is necessary because javascript renders in order on the page, while IFRAMES do not.  This feature DOES NOT work nor is it supported with the ad tags that use IFRAMES.  The Non-Iframe Javascript ad tags and Encrypted JavaScript tags are found by clicking Zones--Code and they appear as the first and second choice of ad tags respectively.

  • This feature requires that each zone on a given page have the same PageID.  There can be multiple groups of zones on a page with their own set of PageID numbers in order to group them.  The PageID must be numeric.  The PageID can be set to a specific value when clicking Zones-Code and entering a value in the Custom PageID field.

  • This feature uses cookies to track which campaign was last served.  If the browser has cookies disabled the feature will not work on that particular browser.  Please see the important note in grey at the bottom of this page regarding 3rd party cookies.
  • The competitor exclusion feature is not supported with default campaigns nor with the sponsorship ad tags.
  • When using this feature it is recommended to apply the same exclusions in reverse.  This can be accomplished automatically by checking the box titled "Apply Selected Competitor Exclusions in Reverse to this Campaign" located right below the box where you select the exclusions.


Vital Note: This feature uses cookies.  For this reason the web site where you install BanManPro must have a P3P privacy policy.  Without this cookies will be blocked in Internet Explorer and the feature will not work.
>> How do I enable the competitor exclusion ad tracking feature?
To enable the competitor exclusion feature, you must do so under Setup.  By default the feature is turned off in order to enhance performance.

>> Creating a campaign with competitor exclusions
Once the feature has been enabled under setup, you can now create a campaign.  When creating the campaign choose the Enable Competitor Exclusions checkbox.

You are then presented with a list of campaigns that can be selected for exclusion.  You can use the CTRL key to make multiple selections or use the SHIFT key to select a range.

>> Setting up your zones on a page to support this feature
To setup the zones on your page:
  1. You must make sure the PageID on related zones on a given page is identical.  The PageID must be a number.   The PageID can be set to a specific value when clicking Zones-Code and entering a value in the Custom PageID field.

  2. Finally, you must be using the Non-Iframe Java Code or Encrypted JavaScript Code ad tags to serve the ads.

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