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>> How do I serve flash banners and track clicks? 

Follow these steps precisely:
  1. If you would like to track clicks, you must first prepare your SWF file so that the URL can be dynamically passed to the flash SWF file.  For information on performing this step, click here.
  2. From within the Ban Man Pro administrative management console, select the banners link, then click the "Add Flash" option.
  3. Choose the type of flash code you wish to use.  The first will detect whether or not the browser supports flash, the second will not and therefore the user will be prompted to download and install flash if they do not support flash.  Click Next Step to proceed to the next step.
  4. Enter the full URL to the flash move (.swf) file.  Enter the advertisers web site where the click is to be redirected to.  Enter the width and height of the flash movie.  Click Next Step.
  5. All the fields are now pre-populated for the advanced banner.  Complete any additional fields you wish to modify then add the banner.  You can now create a normal campaign and assign it to a zone.
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