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How do I limit the number of times a banner is shown to each visitor?
The frequency cap option in Ban Man Pro 5 uses cookies rather than sessions.  If cookies are disabled the frequency cap will not apply to that user.  To enable the frequency cap option, check "Support Frequency Caps using Cookies:" in the setup.

It is recommended that you disable this option when you are not using it.  This will increase performance slightly since Ban Man Pro does not have to read a cookie from the client computer.

Once the frequency cap option is enabled, two options appear when creating or modifying a campaign.

These two options allow you to define the frequency cap for the campaign and how long the session will last.  For example, a frequency cap of 5 impressions in 3 hours will limit this campaign to being seen 5 times by the same user in 3 hours.  The frequency cap places a limit only on the number of impressions and not on the number of clicks. 

Vital Note: This feature uses cookies.  For this reason the web site where you install BanManPro must have a P3P privacy policy.  Without this cookies will be blocked in Internet Explorer and the feature will not work.


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