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>> What ad tags should be used in HTML emails?

What ad tags should be used in HTML emails?
Version 8.0 or Higher
Version 8.0 introduced a new type of ad tags specifically for email marketing newsletters.  These ad tags do not use javascript, IFRAMES or any other tags that would be blocked for security reasons.  These tags use a simple IMG SRC/HREF tag just like an ordinary image.  Rather than relying on cookies the view is stored in the database to properly associate the click event.

This code will ONLY work if your email marketing system supports embedding a unique number or a completely random number that is unique to each and every subscriber.  You must replace ##SubscriberID####RND##  with the unique variable for your email marketing system.  This code serves images only and does not support flash or any other advanced banner.  ##SubscriberID####RND## must be numeric.  All zones must also be unique if placing multiple sets of ad tags in the same email.  If you are using eNewsletter Pro as your email marketing software, please use these two variables in conjunction: ##SubscriberID####RND## to insert both the SubscriberID and a random number.

To obtain the code, click Zones then click the CODE link next to the zone of interest.  Then scroll down and look for "Email Newsletter Code".

Version 7.0 and Earlier
In order to reach the largest audience, you should use a static banner campaign in HTML email messages.  If you don't certain mail systems will block the ad and replace it with their own ad.  For example, Yahoo and Hotmail will remove your ad and replace it with one of their own.  Also, certain mail clients will not display the ad if you use the ad code at the zone level because the security settings prevent it from displaying IFRAME and Javascript tags.

How do I create a Static Campaign?

  1. Click the Add New button at the campaign level.
  2. Now select the Advertiser and a campaign type of Static Banner.  Click next.
  3. Complete the remaining campaign fields then click the Insert button.
  4. Now view the list of campaigns and click the code Create Static Banner Code for this Campaign button next to the static banner campaign.
  5. Now copy and paste the ad tags and use them in your HTML newsletter.


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