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>> Ban Man Pro Optimization Feature

Ban Man Pro 8 and higher offers an optimization feature for high-traffic web sites.  This feature uses temporary SQL tables for recording statistics and querying valid campaigns.  This significantly reduces the number of database queries and enhances performance.  The only drawbacks are your statistics will be delayed by up to 2 minutes and it is possible for a campaign to slightly over serve because of the 2 minute delay.

To use this feature you must have administrator access to the SQL server in order to make sure the SQL Server Agent is running and in order to create a SQL Job. 

Note: SQL 2005 Express does not include the SQL Agent Job Scheduling Service so to use this feature you must be using the Workgroup, Standard, or Enterprise version of SQL 2005.

Here are the steps to utilize this feature:

  1. Verify that the SQL Server Agent is running on the SQL Server.  Also verify that the SQL Server Agent is set to start automatically with the operating system so that after a reboot it continues running.
  2. Create the SQL Server Job that will create the cache tables every 1 minute.  This is done by executing the script below within SQL Query Analyzer.  Before executing, you must replace 'BanManPro' with your database name near the beginning of the script.  Be sure to copy the entire script into Query Analyzer.


  3. Start the SQL Server Job.

  4. Now enable the optimization feature in Ban Man Pro by clicking Preferences/Setup and enabling the option.

Monitor the Ban Man Pro stats for a few minutes to make sure new stats are appearing every 1 minute.  This will tell you if the job is executing properly.

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