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>> How do I track the Return on Investment (ROI) or Acquisitions for a campaign?

ROI (return on investment) is "the bottom line" on how successful an ad or campaign was in terms of what the returns (generally sales revenue) were for the money expended (invested).  This will in turn allow you to determine the Cost Per Action.  Cost-per-action is what an advertiser pays for each visitor that takes some specifically defined action in response to an ad beyond simply clicking on it. For example, a visitor might visit an advertiser's site and request to be subscribe to their newsletter.
Note: This feature requires the use of cookies.  Internet Explorer 6.0 implemented the P3P privacy policies which requires your web site implement a privacy policy in order to fully support cookies in IE 6.0.  For more information, please click here.

How does Ban Man Pro track Acquisitions?

By enabling the ROI/Acquisition tracking, Ban Man Pro does the following:

  1. Ban Man Pro produces special ROI tracking code that is placed on the advertisers web site in order to track the event of interest.  This could be sales, leads, signup forms, etc.
  2. When a web user clicks on a banner ad, an ROI Tracking cookie is placed on their computer holding the Campaign ID.
  3. The web user then visits the advertised web site and makes a purchase.  The special tracking code calls back to Ban Man Pro indicating the Campaign ID.
  4. Ban Man Pro now looks on the web user's computer and finds the ROI tracking cookie.
  5. The event is now recorded in Ban Man Pro as an acquisition for that campaign.

How is this information useful?

This information allows an advertiser to determine how much it is costing them for each acquisition.  For example, suppose the advertiser is spending $10 per 1000 impressions.  During a particular month, their ad was displayed 30,000 times at a total cost of $300.  Now lets assume the banner is advertising a a $39 subscription to a magazine.  Suppose during the 30-day period they acquired 50 new magazine subscribers as a result of the ad and as recorded by the Ban Man Pro ROI feature.  The CPA is then figured out as $300/50 or $6 per new member.  The advertiser is therefore able to determine that this ad is bringing in $39 subscriptions at a cost of $6 per subscriber.

How do I turn on this feature in Ban Man Pro?

This feature is Campaign specific to avoid writing a cookie for each click.  To turn on this feature, add a new campaign or edit an existing one and check the option called 

Where do I obtain the ROI/Acquisition Tracking Code?

To obtain the code, View a listing of all campaigns.  Find the campaign of interest, then click the ROI link on the left side of the campaign listing.

The code is then displayed.  

Modify the description and amount to reflect the event you you are tracking.  Modifiable parameters are shown in red below.  The Description is required, the Amount is optional.  The description is used to specify the action that is taking place such as sale, lead, acquisition, etc.


Once modified the advertiser must place this code on their web site in order to track the event.  For example, if tracking sales this code would be placed on the confirmation page of their store.  If tracking leads, it could be placed on the confirmation page after the person has completed the signup process.

Reporting on ROI/Acquistions

Once the ROI tracking has been implemented, the number of acquisitions can be reported on by viewing the reports screen.  Two reports are available including a summary of all acquisitions, as well as the acquisition detail.

Note: Ban Man Pro filters duplicate acquisitions during a 24-hour period.  This value can be changed in the setup area.

Note: Because cookies are domain specific, changing the domain name or IP address at which Ban Man Pro is hosted will invalidate all previous ROI tracking cookies.

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