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>> How Does the Ban Man Pro Smoothing Algorithm Operate?

Ban Man Pro Version 6 and higher offers two different smoothing algorithms.  These include:
Evenly Spread over Remaining Time  (Version 6 and higher)
This distribution option is new in version 6.  This option takes all remaining impressions in the campaign and distributes them evenly over the remaining time.  Rather than serving equal amounts per day, it serves a percentage of traffic so that days with higher traffic server a larger number of the impressions.  This creates a more normalized distribution.  This also allows you to modify campaign dates and quantities.  In the "Equally distributed by day over flight dates" option changing the quantity or dates will often take the campaign out of rotation for days or weeks.

To compute the percentage of impressions each campaign should serve, Ban Man Pro uses the previous X weeks of stats.  X is defined in the admin setup area under "Other information".  The field is titled "Number of weeks to base zone averages on".

Because this feature relies on historical statistics, this feature can only be used after you have served ads for at least one week.  Using it before that time may cause the campaign to over or under serve.  Based on the past X weeks of stats, Ban Man Pro computes the percentage of zone impressions required to serve the total impressions for the campaign.  This percentage is recomputed each day as well as each time a campaign or zone is modified.

Note: If you are creating a campaign that has a low number of impressions relative to your site traffic, you must use the Equally Distributed by Day option versus Evenly Spread.

Equally Distributed by Day over flight dates (Version 5 and higher)
This is the original smoothing algorithm that was originally introduced in Ban Man Pro version 2.0.  This algorithm attempts to serve a fixed number of impressions on each day.  For example, suppose an advertiser purchases 30,000 impressions to be spread out over a 30-day period.  Ban Man Pro will now attempt to serve 1000 impressions per day.  If your traffic varies by day of week, then it is recommended that you use the new algorithm called "Evenly Spread over Remaining Time".

How does the smoothing algorithm work?  First, you must set the preferences to define the number of minutes the smoothing algorithm is based on.  Values range from 5 minutes to 60 minutes.  Which value you choose depends on how much traffic your web site experiences and how steady the traffic is.  For high-traffic sites with continuous traffic a small value works great.  For low-volume sites with erratic traffic a higher value will be required.  Here are some suggested values:

Suggested Smoothing Minutes


Suggested Value 







>1 Million


Based on the smoothing value you select, Ban Man Pro performs the following tasks.  Each hour Ban Man Pro computes the number of impressions that are expected up to that hour.  This value is then compared to the number of impressions that have been served.  The difference of these two numbers is the available amount.  For example, suppose Ban Man Pro computes 5,000 expected impressions, and 4900 have been served.  100 impressions are now available to be served during the next hour.  

Next, Ban Man Pro records the number of impressions that have been served in each zone during the last XX minutes.  (XX is the value of the smoothing minutes that you have set in your preferences).  Suppose your site is basing the smoothing algorithm on 15 minutes of data.  If 250 impressions were served in the last 15 minutes, Ban Man Pro predicts that 1000 will be served during the next hour.  With 100 impressions available, Ban man Pro will set this campaign to serve 10% of the  time.  Since the smoothing minutes in this example are set to 15, Ban Man Pro will re-evaluate these numbers every 15 minutes and reset the percentages.

During the very last XX period of the campaign, Ban Man Pro will inflate the available impressions by 45% in an attempt to insure that the campaign is fully served.  If you traffic drastically decreases, the campaign may not be fully served.

Important Notes:  

  1. When adding a new campaign that is to be evenly distributed, they should always be entered before the start date.  This will ensure the campaign begins immediately at the start date.  Suppose you enter an even campaign at noon and set the start date to today.  Next, suppose you are expecting to serve 1000 impressions/day for this campaign.  Since 1/2 day has already passed, Ban Man Pro will attempt to catch up with the 500 expected impressions and that may be the only banner appearing for some time.

  2. Never enter an unrealistic quantity (ie, don't oversell your ad space).  This may cause the smoothing algorithm to break down and not all campaigns will be served.

  3. To see how an equally distributed campaign is performing, while viewing a listing of campaigns, click the Analyze link next to the campaign of interest to view an analysis of the distribution for this campaign.  This will also tell you if the campaign is over or under-delivering.

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