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>> How do I perform Timed Rotation of Banners?

Ban Man Pro 5.0 and higher simplifies the process of rotating banner ads at a specific frequency.  Banners automatically rotate when a page is refreshed, however, if you want a new ad to load while a person views a page then you must use the Refresh Interval Option.  This option is specific to each zone and is also specific to the type of ad tags you are using.  This option can ONLY be used with the Advanced Java Code ad tags and the Non-Cache defeating ad tags because they make use of the IFRAME.

How do I specify the Refresh Interval?

Edit or create a new zone.  From the drop-down menu, select a refresh interval in seconds.  Setting the value to 0 will cause the page to NOT refresh.  Setting the value to 5 will cause a new advertisement to be loaded every 5 seconds.

Please note that it is frowned upon to do this in the advertising industry as it will drive up impressions and significantly drive down click rates.   

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