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>> Ban Man Pro Ad Server Weighting Options

The following campaign weighting systems are supported in Ban Man Pro:

100: This is the original weighting system in Ban Man Pro.  The sum of all selected banners should sum to 100.  In the event that the sum is less than 100 the default banner is shown.  This weighting system supports up to 100 campaigns.  Here is an example:

Campaign Name Weighting Percent of Time Displayed
Campaign 1 50 50%
Campaign 2 25 25%
Total 75 75%

Note: Because the above weightings sum to 75, the default is then displayed 25% of the time.

1000: Just like the 100 based system, the sum of all weightings should be 1000, otherwise a default is shown.  This higher weighting system is provided for support of up to 1000 campaigns.

Campaign Name Weighting Percent of Time Displayed
Campaign 1 500 50%
Campaign 2 250 25%
Campaign 3 250 25%
Total 1000 100%

Relative (Total of All Weightings): This weighting system allows you to essentially use your own weighting system.  All weightings are relative to each other and as long as at least 1 campaign is valid in the zone then the default is NEVER displayed.  For example, if you have three campaigns, giving them each a weighting of 1 would produce the same result as giving them each a weighting of 5 since 1/3 is the same as 5/15.  This system allows you to give one campaign a very high relative weighting so that it will dominate the rotation.  It also supports even rotation of an un-even numbers of campaigns.  Lastly, it allows you to avoid displaying a default to ensure that paid ads are always displayed.  Below is an example:


Campaign Name Weighting Percent of Time Displayed
Campaign 1 1 12.5%
Campaign 2 6 75%
Campaign 3 1 12.5
Total 8 100%

In Sequence: This weighting system allows you to rotate through the selected campaigns in Sequence.  The weighting of each selected campaign should be 1.  If greater than 1 that campaign will show up X number of times.  For example, suppose I have 3 campaigns as follows:

Campaign 1, Weight 1
Campaign 2, Weight 2
Campaign 3, Weight 1

By refreshing, the campaign will appear in this order: Campaign 1, Campaign 2, Campaign 2, Campaign 3....  Note that Campaign 2 is repeated twice because the weighting is 2.  Since you typically do not want to repeat a campaign to a web viewer upon refresh, we recommend using a weighting of 1 for all campaigns that are rotated in Sequence.  Also, as long as 1 campaign in the sequence is valid the default will not be displayed.


How Can I prevent an ad from being displayed twice on a page?:  By using the In Sequence rotation method, and provided you have several campaigns in the zone, you can repeat the zone code multiple times on a page.  For example, if you have a sponsorship of 3 banners down the page, you could repeat the zone code 3 times.  Since the ads are selected in sequence, the user should not see the same ad repeated twice within the 3 banner spots.  Be sure to modify the PageID in each copy of the zone code so that the cache is defeated in older browsers.  In version 4 you can better accomplish this by creating one zone and using the Sponsorship ad tags.

Here is the way the ad sequence routine works...

A pointer is maintained in the database for each zone. Each time an ad is called the pointer is moved by one campaign. Because different browsers render the page differently depending on which ad tags you use the rendering may be out of order with what you would expect. This is especially true with the non-cache defeating ad tags since there is no guaranteed rendering order in IE. If you switch to the Javascript ad tags the page should be rendered in order and the sequence should work. Netscape renders the entire page in order so either should work in Netscape but the Javascript should work in both.

Because the pointer is maintained in the database it is NOT session specific (specific to each user). Therefore, if 5 people are refreshing the same page at the same time they may not appear in sequence as the various requests from each user may be made at the same time. User 1 might get Campaigns 1,2,4,5 while user 2 might get Campaigns 3,1,2,3.

Because of this you should include a much larger number of campaigns within an in-sequence zone then the number of times the zone code is displayed on a page. For example, if you are displaying the zone code 4 times, you should have at least 10 campaigns so people don't see the same campaign. Again, the display is in sequence for the list of campaigns but since multiple requests can come in from multiple people at the same time they may not appear in sequence to a specific user.


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