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Ban Man Pro Version History and Updates
The following is a version history of Ban Man Pro in descending order.  To obtain an update, email us.
Ban Man Pro for SQL Server
Version Date Comments
11.0 3/23/2011 Ban Man Pro Version 11.0 Released. {View Features}
10.0 12/14/2009 Ban Man Pro Version 10.0 Released. {View Features}
9.0 10/26/2009 Rollup of updates issued for Ban Man Pro version 9 affecting the advanced optimization feature.
9.0 10/3/2008 Ban Man Pro Version 9.0 Released. {View Features}
4.0-8.0 3/5/2008 An important security update is available for Ban Man Pro 4-8.  All users should apply this update.  Email us to obtain the update if you have not received it.  The update was emailed to all users on 3/5-6/2008 .
8.0 6/22/2007 Ban Man Pro 8.0 Released.
7.0 6/13/2006 Ban Man Pro 7.0 Released.
6.01 11/11/2005 Ban Man Pro 6.01 Cumulative Update

--Optimized the stored procedure that updates statistics in order to optimize performance.
--Fixed a bug when updating zone assignments for an Equally distributed campaign
--Added option to choose whether or not advertisers can view reports by country
--Fixed a bug where per click campaigns displayed in the campaign list as "valid" when in fact they were expired.

Email us if you wish to obtain this update.

6.0 05/16/2005 Ban Man Pro Version 6.0 Released [More info]
5.01 03/31/04 Ban Man Pro Version 5.01 Cumulative Update released.  ALL customers should apply this update as it contains some important bug fixes that include:

--When updating a campaign, the overall number of impressions served was reset.  Daily stats are still present but the overall total was reset to 0 which can cause an even campaign to over serve.  This update will bring back those lost stats.
--Enter key can now be used to post most forms.
--Fixed a bug in the sponsorship tags whereby the Total field was not being used.
--When using the copy function for an advanced banner, it copied as a standard banner.
--Advanced banners no longer require an image URL, width and height.

New Features:
--Sponsorship tags can now display ads horizontally in addition to vertically.
--Drop-down menus such as Advertiser, Campaign, etc. now default to the last selected choice.

5.0 01/12/04 Ban Man Pro Version 5.0 for released. [View Features]
03/14/03 Released cumulative update for version 4 that includes:
--Update to numerous files to prevent Cross-Site Scripting
--Fix to stored procedure that computes even distribution
--Fix to procedure the pulls banners based on frequency caps
--Fixed a bug in summary by banner by zone report.
--Fixed problem with Summary By Zone report in createreport.asp where zone totals were summed after each record rather than for each zone.
--Fixed popupgenerator.asp to use location=1 for Netscape browsers so that pop-under works properly in Netscape 6. Previously a pop-under appeared as a popup in N6.
--Updated addanewbanner.asp to fix broken link on file upload tool.
  01/07/03 Patch is available to addanewbanner.asp to fix broken link on file upload tool.  Email us for the updated file.
4.00 12/12/2002 Ban Man Pro version 4 released.  This upgrade is offered at $149 for version 3 customers. [View New Features]
3.02 12/30/2001 Updated banmanfunc.asp to support passing url to flash files so that clicks can be easily tracked in a flash file.  Email us if you require this update.  For more information on tracking clicks in Flash files, please click here.
3.02 11/26/2001 Updated banman.asp to support third-party cookies in IE6.  This is required for the ROI feature in order to comply with Microsoft's implementation of the W3C's Platform for Privacy Preferences (P3P).  This upgrade is necessary if you are using the new ROI/CPA tracking feature introduced in version 3.  Click for more information on complying with P3P.   Email us if you require this update immediately.
3.01 11/17/2001 Fixed a problem with Zone Background Color feature.  Hex values did not Stick and display.  Affected files include addanewzone.asp and banmanfunc.asp.  Email us if you are using this feature to obtain updated files.
3.0 11/07/2001 Fixed error in mail.asp that was preventing email reports from delivering.  Update was emailed to all 3.0 customers.  Email us if you did not receive it.
3.0 10/26/2001  View Release Notes, upgrade is not free of charge.
2.2 3/15/2001 View Release Notes, free update for all 2.X customers.
2.1 10/26/2000 View Release Notes, free update for all 2.X customers.
2.0 6/12/2000 View Release Notes, upgrade is not free of charge.
1.25 4/26/1999 View Release Notes, free update for all 1.X customers.
1.1 12/20/1999 View Release Notes, free update for all 1.X customers.
1.0 8/1/1999 Initial Release
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