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>> Ban Man Pro 14 Upgrade from 12.0 for ASP.NET 4/SQL Server

Please follow directions precisely to ensure un-interrupted ad serving.

Pre-Installation Notes

  • Verify that you are currently using Version 12. 
  • Make a backup copy of the entire /banmanpro/ folder on your web server as well as the SQL database.  This upgrade will alter the database and a backup is required in the event of an error in the upgrade script.

Installation Instructions

  1. Extract the upgrade files contained in  to a temporary location on your local computer.  You will now see several folders including RootDirectory, Admin, Images, Advertiser, Bin, and Language.
  2. Version 14 includes changes to the Root web.config file for the WYSIWYG Editor.  Because this file also holds your custom database connection string, you must first enter your database connection into the web.config file before copying the updated files.  If you don't your database connection will break after the upgrade.  Also, if you added any custom tags to the web.config they should also be transferred. To do so...

    Open the web.config for your EXISTING installation of BanManPro.  Find and copy this line:

    <add key="DBConnectionString" value="server=(LOCAL);UID=youruserid;PWD=yourpass;DATABASE=BanManPro" />

    Now, open the web.config found in the "banmanproSQL14upgradeFrom10\RootDirectory" folder of the upgrade files.  Replace the sample connection string with your full connection string.

    Save the file.

  3. From within SQL Query Analyzer, execute the script called banmanproSQL14UpgradeFrom12.sql on your existing Ban Man Pro database.  The database is now converted to the new format.  If you are unsure how to do this, please review Steps 5-7 of the original database instructions found at: support/SQLnewdbExpress.asp and noting that in step 5 the SQL script is named banmanproSQL14UpgradeFrom12.sql.
  4. Copy the files from the directory called "Root Directory" to the web server directory where Ban Man Pro is installed.  If you installed the software at then that is where these files are to be copied.  You will be overwriting the existing files.  
  5. Copy the files in the Images directory to the images directory.  This will most likely be...  
  6. Copy the entire Admin, Advertiser, App_Data, EditorDialogs, ImageEditorDialogs and Language folders into the folder where Ban Man Pro is installed. Be sure to include all subdirectories.
  7. Copy the contents of the /bin/ folder to your Ban Man Pro /bin/ folder.  This will most likely be... 
  8. Log into the Ban Man Pro admin console and verify everything is working properly.


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