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>> Ban Man Pro 14 Upgrade from 4.0 for ASP.NET 4/SQL Server

Please follow directions precisely to ensure un-interrupted ad serving.

Pre-Installation Notes

  • Verify that you are currently using Version 4.  If unsure, look inside banmanfunc.asp or banman.asp for the version number.
  • If you have made any modifications to the code they will be overwritten.  Version 14 is compiled and you no longer have access to the source code.
  • Version 14 stores the administrator password in an encrypted format.  This upgrade will reset the password to Admin1.  As soon as the upgrade is performed, login to the administration console using your old username and a password of "Admin1" then reset the password in the setup area.
  • Make a backup copy of the entire /banmanpro/ folder on your web server as well as the SQL database.  This upgrade will alter the database and a backup is required in the event of an error in the upgrade script.
  • This upgrade alters a number of database indices.  If you have a large database this script may take a long time to run, in some cases minutes to an hour.  You may wish to disable ad serving under the Ban Man Pro tools option until the upgrade is completed.
  • This upgrade require .net 4.0 be installed on the server.  Please verify .net 4 has been installed.  If it is not installed it should be installed through the Windows Update utility.

Pre-Installation Instructions

  1. Modify your existing Ban Man Pro IIS Application Folder to use .net 4.0 instead of .net 2.0.  Click here for instructions on doing so.

Installation Instructions

  1. Extract the upgrade files contained in  to a temporary location on your local computer.  You will now see several folders including RootDirectory, Admin, Images, Advertiser, Bin, and Language.
  2. Obtain the following database connection properties found in db.asp
    Database Name
    Database User Name
    Database Password
    Data Source (IP or Server Name)

  3. Set the database connection in the web.config file located in the RootDirectory\banmanproSQL14upgradeFrom4 folder.  The variable is called DBConnectionString.

    <add key="DBConnectionString" value="server=XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX;UID=BanManPro;PWD=yourpassword;DATABASE=BanManPro" />

    Server=The IP Address or physical server name of the SQL server
    UID=The Username you assigned to the database.  The default username is BanManPro
    PWD=The password you assigned to the database
    DATABASE=The name of the database.  The default is BanManPro

  4. From within SQL Query Analyzer, execute the script called banmanproSQL14upgradeFrom4.sql on your existing Ban Man Pro database.  The database is now converted to the new format.  If you are unsure how to do this, please review Steps 5-7 of the original database instructions found at: support/SQLnewdbExpress.asp and noting that in step 5 the SQL script is named banmanproSQL14upgradeFrom4.sql.

    : If you receive the error below it is not fatal and can be ignored...BMP_proc_ObtainBannerForKeywordCampaignAdvanced4, Line 27
    Cannot use a CONTAINS or FREETEXT predicate on table 'Campaigns' because it is not full-text indexed.

  5. Copy the files from the directory called "Root Directory" to the web server directory where Ban Man Pro is installed.  If you installed the software at then that is where these files are to be copied.  You will be overwriting the existing files.  
  6. Copy the files in the Images directory to the images directory.  This will most likely be...  
  7. Copy the entire Admin, Advertiser, Bin, ChartImages, App_Data, EditorDialogs, ImageEditorDialogs and Language folders into the folder where Ban Man Pro is installed. Be sure to include all subdirectories.
  8. Load the Upgrade.aspx file in your browser. It is located in the root folder and has open access.

    For example:

    Click the button to upgrade your existing database.
  9. Now delete upgrade.aspx so it cannot be executed a second time. 
  10. In order to use the charting tool, you must give the Users account WRITE permissions on the ChartImages folder.  Click here for directions on setting write permissions.
  11. Open the application in your browser (   Note that the administration console is now located in a separate folder called /admin/
    Login using your old username and the password of "Admin1".
  12. Once logged in, click Setup.  Reset the password.  Under Server Information change the Full Domain URL to point to the a.aspx file instead of banman.asp.  Enter the License Key provided when you purchased the upgrade.  Now update the setup.

  13. Now you should update the ad tags on your web pages.  You can do this by searching/replacing banman.asp with ad.aspx.  Ban Man Pro will continue to operate if you don't do this, however, the performance may suffer because all calls to banman.asp are simply being redirected to ad.aspx which causes a performance degradation.  

    If you are using the sponsorship ad tags, replace any occurrence of sponsorship.asp with Sequence2.aspx.
  14. If you are using the option to detect spiders.  Import the list of spiders and IP addresses.  To do this, open useragent.txt and copy and paste the list of browser headers.  Log into the Ban Man Pro admin console and click Setup.  Click Spider List (Headers).  Paste the list of headers into the text box and click "Add New Browser Header".  The headers are now added.  Repeat the same process for IP.txt in order to import the list of IP addresses to filter as spiders.
  15. Click Setup and make sure the field called "Physical server path of BanManPro application" is set correctly.  This must be the physical file path to the location where BanManPro is installed.  This is used to find the Language Files.  If not set correctly the web interface will load more slowly.  Once set correctly, click Update Setup.

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