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>> New Features in Ban Man Pro
Version 14.0 for ASP.NET/SQL Server - 12/09/2014
  • Added a campaign bookings calender under the Reports menu to see booked campaigns by Site/Zone
  • Added Option to give banners a start/end date on the campaign screen in order to run multiple banners using different dates
  • ROI tracking pixel is now global and no longer CampaignID specific
  • When generating zone tags, an option has been added under the 3rd party tags to automatically generate Double Click DFP tags with tracking
  • Added title tag to standard image banners using same text as the Alt tag
  • Added WYSIWYG HTML Editor for modifying any HTML fields such as templates, on screen messages, etc as well as the HTML for advanced banners
  • Added Width X height column to the banners list on campaign screen so you can sort by banner sizes
  • Campaign Defaults such as Distribution, Type, Cost, Quantity, Days of Week, Daily Start/End Times, Track ROI can now be set under Setup
  • Added Pre-Defined Date Selections to custom reports such as Today, Yesterday, This Week, This Month, This Year, etc
  • Added a Style tag of "max-width:100%;" to all standard image ads so they resize (shrink) to accomodate responsive web design, can be disabled under setup
  • Added Campaign Targeting By Browser Width to target ads of specific width to devices/browsers of specific width. Updated ad tags required
  • Modernized the Flash Ad Template code to use swfobject.embedSWF and properly display an alternative image in non-flash browsers such as iPhone and iPad
  • Semi-Transparent takeover ad now supports setting an auto-close time period to automatically close the ad after X seconds
  • Slider Ad now supports setting an auto-close time period to automatically close the ad after X seconds
  • Floating Ad now supports setting an auto-close time period to automatically close the ad after X seconds
  • Added an option to call a zone and have the output returned as a JSON response, does not support keywrds, competitor exlusions, frequency capping
  • Added option to choose which ad types a User can access when adding banners
  • Added option to manually approve Banner changes made by users (Automatically Approve/Set to On Hold)
Bug Fixes
ixed bug to remove on-hold option when editing a default campaign. Default campaigns are always valid
Version 13.0 for ASP.NET/SQL Server - 4/24/2013
  • Added support for Maxmind City geo-targeting database for targeting by Worldwide Countries/Regions,States,Provinces/Worldwide Postal Codes/Cities. US Targeting includes Area Code/Zip Code/City.  More information on Geo-Targeting
  • Added Option to add custom IP range to geo data for correctly resolving fake internal IPs for testing purposes
  • Added Option for multiple 3rd party roi pixels at campaign level, enabled under setup
  • Added Feature to limit display of top X banners on Campaign Screen and Top X Campaigns on Zone screen to load these screens faster for companies with numerous ads and campaigns.
  • Default number displayed can be changed under the setup area
  • Also added search feature to search for banners on the campaign add new screen by Banner Type, Size, Text, and Date
  • Also added search feature to search for Campaigns on the Zone add new screen by Advertiser, Text, and Date
  • When creating a campaign, the list of banners now includes Impressions/Clicks/Click Rate
  • Expanded Demographic Targeting fields to include targeting by full URL, URL Host Name, and URL Path.  More information on Demographic Targeting.
  • Added Setup option to detect a secure (https) call for an ad and return the content in the secure protocol
  • Added new ad type called Redirect URL as well as Redirect Campaign for simply creating an ad that redirects to another URL, only impressions are tracked
  • Add an option to bulk import campaigns
  • When adding/modifying a zone, campaigns on hold are removed, unless they are already selected in which case they are denoted with **On Hold**
  • Add support for additional 3rd Party Ad Tags including MediaMind, Atlast DMT, MediaPlex so click tracking is automatically inserted
  • Added option to User/Publisher accounts to make them an admin user giving them accesss to all Sites/Advertisers/Zones and rights to create other users
  • If a User/Publisher has been granted access to all sites, they can now see the All Sites option on reports
  • Added a Zone Template called JQuery Fade Effect that causes Image ads to fade in with a 3 second fade when using the zone auto refresh option
  • Added option to set zone weighting system to In Sequence Per user in which ads are served in sequence to an individual user
  • With this option selected a new type of Ad Tags are vailable for displaying an Ad Slide Show
    View Sample
  • Added Zone Templates for Slider Ads that slide from Top, Left, Bottom and Right side
  • Added Banner Option to add an individual Slider Ad that slides from Top, Left, Bottom and Right side. 
    View Sample.
  • Added a new type of Zone Tags called Scrolling Sponsorship Ad Tags that scroll a list of ads up the page. 
    View Sample.
  • Altered Zone Templates to allow specifying behavior when no ad is served (Serve template as is, serve empty content, serve alternative content)
  • Added error trap when adding a standard banner to prevent any attempt to add an .swf file as a standard banner
  • Added option to append analytics utm parameters to the Target URL when creating a banner in order to properly identify you as the source of traffic on click through
  • Added Option to Custom Email Reports to include a campaign expiration report for campaigns expiring in next X days
  • Added admin security settings to lock Admin, Publisher, or Advertiser accounts after X failed logins
  • Added admin security setting to require strong passwords for Advertisers and or Publishers
  • Added Option to create advertiser login form to place on a web site
  • Added Option to create User/Publisher login form to place on a web site
  • Increased performance of stored procedure used for serving keyword campaigns without full-text indexing enabled
  • Added an option when adding a flash movie to test the click to see if it was programmed for click tracking/see if you chose the correct variable
  • Added option to select Default site that is automatically chosen when a user/publisher logs in
  • Updated the spider header list with additional known spiders

    Bug Fixes
  • Added check to prevent opening different sites in different tabs or browsers and then incorrectly associating data with the wrong site
  • Fixed bug in flash template that detects flash affecting case where flash movie has multiple click URL's embedded
  • Fixed the stats inflator that was causing some Equally Distributed, Geo-targeted campaigns to under serve
  • Fixed issue where clicks from spiders/bots on the noscript portion of the ad tags made without viewing the image could be incorrectly associated with the wrong site
Version 12.0 for ASP.NET/SQL Server - 4/26/2012
  • Newly designed web interface with button navigation and drop-down menus in the Admin console
  • Software now uses parameterized queries for enhanced performance and security
  • Added support for Surround Session campaigns to force a campaign to keep showing to the same user
  • Expanded User/Publisher permissions to support accessing Online Orders, Setup, Tools, Sites, Import, Export, etc.
  • Created CPA campaign type to expire campaigns after X conversions/acquisitions
  • Added Conversions to Overall Campaign Summary, Campaigns/View All, Executive Report
  • Enhanced spider detection option to treat unknown operating systems as spiders, and treats clicks as spiders with an empty referring page
  • Tool for removing stats based on IP now also supports removing based on browser header
  • Also, above tool now supports entering a bulk list of IP's or Headers
  • SQL Script for new installs is now compatible with SQL 2012
  • Added IP Address Click Summary in order to see if specific IP's are generating numerous clicks
  • Added option to produce Zone Code for multiple zones as .txt file
  • Added new type of ad tags that use jquery/ajax to load ads (works only if BMP is installed relative to domain)
  • Add variable [WebSiteURL] that uses URL from site so relative links can be used
  • Added Zone Status option in place of "Zone Disabled" that supports 3 statuses
    • Active
    • Disabled (Ads stop serving and stats stop recording)
    • Set for Archive (Ads keep serving but zone is hidden from Zones screen)
  • Zones View All screen now includes above filter
  • Added Import Option to import Advertisers, Banners (Standard, Advanced), Zones, Sites and Users
  • Added Export Tool to export Advertisers, Banners, Campaigns, Zones, Sites, Users
  • Added date option to filter by date added, date updated on Advertisers, Banners, Campaigns, Zones and Sites
  • Added these New Ad Types:
  • Added New Banner Type called Double Click Ad tags which will automatically insert click tracking into DC tags
  • Add option for 3rd party impression tracking URL when adding a new banner
  • Added Option to avoid recording stats for specific campaigns such as in-house campaigns (Defaults only)
  • Created Zone Templates to provide control of HTML that is returned for the ad zones
  • Added Option to email all charts appearing throughout the software and reports
  • Custom email reports now support additional periods of:
    • Daily--Month to Date
    • Daily--Past 7 Days
    • Daily--Past 30 Days
    • Weekly--Past 30 Days
    • Monthly--Year to Date
  • Added option to choose first day of week for reports (Sunday versus Monday)
  • Bill Monthly fixed amount invoice option was updated so campaigns can be invoiced as soon as they start rather than after first month completes
  • On email reports ##EndDate## was fixed to correctly show yesterdays date instead of the report send date
  • Spider/Bot list has been updated
  • Sponsorship Ad Tag call has been updated to make sure it does not overserve evenly distributed campaigns
  • Added option to select multiple campaigns as opposed to All or One in both admin and advertiser consoles on all custom reports
  • Added Date Created column to banner list on Add New Zone page, and weighted campaign list on add new zone, as well as sort option
  • Added Windows 8 to operating system definitions
  • Added variables to dynamically embed Country, Region/State/Province and Metro Name using [Country], [Region] and [MetroArea] respectively.
  • Also added variable [MetroCodeRegionCountry] that will display whichever is available. For example, Metro Area, if avail, followed, by Region, followed by Country

Version 11.0 for ASP.NET/SQL Server - 3/23/2011
  • Switched to VisualStudio 2010/.net 4.0. .Net 4 is required.
  • Added a New variable called [BanManProURLDoubleEncoded] for double URL encoding the click tracking variable.  Click here for a list of all dynamic variables supported in Ban Man Pro.
  • Added a calendar option when creating a campaign and when purchasing ads
  • Added Billing and Invoicing that includes real-time credit processing and these features:
    --Creating and printing Invoices
    --Paying invoices using check, credit card or cash
    --Creating billing reports
    --Supports numerous payment gateways for real-time card processing
    --Option to give users permissions for various billing/invoicing tasks
    --Includes specification of tax tables as well option to make specific advertisers tax exempt
    --Campaigns can be set to invoice-able prior to running, after expiring, or monthly
    --Ability to view invoice history at the campaign level
    --Option to allow advertisers to view/pay invoices and view history
    --If allowing advertisers to purchase by check and invoice is emailed to the advertiser on purchase
  • Updated Campaign Browsers to include Chrome and Operating Systems/Devices to include Mobile Devices including iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, IEMobile, Other Mobile.
  • Ban Man Pro now offers code for serving Ads in applications in native iPhone, iPad and Android Applications
  • Expanded Order Types to include all campaign features (geo-targeting, browser, language, OS, and Demographic targeting)
  • Added option to specify a separate SSL URL and to force SSL in the Admin console or Advertiser console
    Forcing SSL is recommended if using the purchase option, credit card or invoicing features
  • Added Advertiser Login Link on Advertisers View All screen to directly login as an advertiser
  • Added ad tags that can be used in 3rd party ad servers such as Dart for Publishers, click variable is BMPClickURL
  • Created indices on Impressions table for AdvertiserID,BannerID,CampaignID,ZoneID,UserId to speed up delete process
  • Added option to clear existing credit card numbers when viewing an online order that was not processed in real-time
  • Add flash option now support up to 6 unique links within the flash movie
  • Added Option for advertisers to update their account in the Advertiser console
  • Added Option to disable account updates by individual advertiser
  • Added Option to disable viewing/paying invoices for individual advertiser
  • Added support for all advertiser variables in email report templates
  • Added Click Rate column to custom email reports
  • Added syntax validation on all email addresses fields
  • Added date created and updated fields to Advertisers/Banners/Campaigns/Zones/Sites/Users
  • Increased Banner ImageURL and TargetURL fields to 500 characters
  • Added option to limit length of all 4 fields in the Sponsorship Ads defined under Setup/Ad Templates
  • Added option to paste and add multiple demographic values at once
  • Added option to specify that campaigns created by specific users must be approved before becoming active.  Email notification can be sent to admin as well as other users who are given approval access
  • Added option for the admin to define a custom sort order for the Sites listing
  • Auto Refresh Zone feature now uses Javascript instead of a META refresh tag which prevents browser clicking sound.  The Original method of using a META tag can be used if set under Preferences/Setup
  • Added more professional charting in locations where existing chart was displayed
  • Added Quick Chart option to display impressions/clicks chart to Advertisers, Banners, Campaigns, Zones Screen
  • Added Chart to Inventory Report
  • Added quick chart to overall campaign summary report in admin, and advertiser consoles
  • Added setting to decide whether or not Demographic values are cookied. You would want to cookie them if always passing the same values on all pages.
    If passing different values they should be be cookied
  • Added a new type of zone tags that float the ad on the screen and move with the page as you scroll.
  • Added United States and Canada quick select checkboxes to geo-targeting option at campaign level
  • Updated spider/bot list with an additional 300 headers
  • Added option to use a separate database or separate database server for geo-data resolution for high traffic sites to increase performance.
  • Added option to delete click detail prior to a specific date
  • All passwords for User/Publishers and Advertisers are now encrypted in the database
  • Added additional fields to "Edit All" screens for Advertisers, Banners, Zones and Users
  • Increased performance through Fast Forward, Read Only, Static cursors
  • Added Highlight and Copy option when viewing the Zone Code.

Enhancements to Advertiser Purchasing

  • Added option to limit how many advertisers can purchase ads in a zone during the same period
  • Added option for real-time credit card processing using numerous gateways including
  • Includes specific setting to run through in test mode
  • Expanded order types to allow advertisers to upload Flash movies and Text Sponsorship ads in addition to existing standard image ads
  • Drop-down menu for choosing a purchase option now includes the price
  • When advertiser upload a banner the width and height are automatically pre-populated

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where geo-targeting incorrectly showed when editing some default campaigns
  • Adding missing triggers to tbl_BMP_DemographicDefinition1...tbl_BMP_DemographicDefinition4
  • Updated Flash Template to include allowscriptaccess to overcome clicking issues when serving ads on different domains
  • for daily/weekly/monthly email reports filter out very old expired campaigns where a recent click was triggered by a spider


  • Added warning message in admin console when SQL server date/time is behind web server which causes problem with capping routines
  • Increased the length of keyword strings that can be passed to the stored procedures to 4000 characters
  • In email reports, replace Quantity Purchased with NA for Flat Rate campaigns


Version 10.0 for ASP.NET/SQL Server - 12/14/2009
  1. Added competitor exclusion option to prevent competitor ads from appearing on the same page at the same time (requires cookies).
  2. Above feature can also be used to prevent same advertisers ads from appearing on the same page
  3. Existing companion ad feature which was previously limited to 2 zones is now supported in unlimited zones.
  4. Added basic inventory tool to Zone Usage By Campaign Type report that shows predicted impressions, # booked campaigns and projected quantity of Even and Equal campaigns.
  5. Added support for paypal for auto processing credit cards and automatically activating campaign after payment is submitted
  6. Added new banner ad called Sponsorship Text Ad that looks like Google AdWords ad. The template can be modified under Setup--Ad Templates.
  7. Added option to create Custom Email Reports with custom breakdown for Admin and Users. Can be emailed as HTML or CSV attachment.
  8. Added option to give publisher permissions to automatically inherit Sites, Advertisers, Zones created by other users
  9. Software now stores url/page where user clicked on the ad and shows it in click detail report
  10. Created URL/Page Click Detail Summary report for summarizing clicks by URL/Page where user clicked
  11. Added 3 custom fields for personalizing banners including checkbox on zone CODE view to include these fields
  12. Modified add flash option to support manually entering the click tracking variable name
  13. Modified add flash option to allow entering up to 3 unique URLs and variables for movies that have multiple links
  14. Added option to limit zone refresh to certain threshold per zone
  15. Added option for daily email that lists all campaigns with a start date of today (admin and users
  16. Added Option to also delete banners when deleting a campaign if they no longer belong to any other campaigns
  17. Added Option to specify custom upload folder for individual users or continue to use default folder
  18. Added User permission under banners for Add Banners to Campaign, allow edit link on banners screen
  19. Added option to specify separate from name/email for Advertiser reports so they can appear to come from a sales person
  20. Added option to specify separate from name/email for Users reports so they can appear to come from a sales person
  21. Software has been updated to detect campaigns that no longer have banners sizes that match the zone size when enforcing zone size restrictions.  Previously this resulted in a blank image being served. This can also happen when a banner is set to inactive.
  22. changed auditing to include AdvertiserID when deleting a banner or campaign
  23. Added option to set which languages to support in the application
  24. Also added additional languages including Arabic, Swedish, Hebrew and Turkish (additional languages available on request)
  25. Advertiser Screen now shows number of campaigns (Valid + Expired) belonging to advertiser and number of banners
  26. On View Users screen added these fields: Enabled, # Sites, # Advertisers, # Zones
  27. On View Sites screen added these fields: #Advertisers, #Campaigns, #Zones, #Users
  28. On View Zones Screen added these fields: Disabled, Size Restrictions Enabled, Refresh Interval
  29. On View Banners screen added Active column
  30. On View Campaigns screen added On Hold column
  31. Admin option to choose default sort for Advertisers, Banners, Campaigns, Users, Sites and Online Orders
  32. Default sort is also stored for users/publishers whenever a sort is changed
  33. Sponsorship ad tags now display default ads in the event that no other valid ads are found
  34. Add option to setup to use an SSL connection when sending emails. This is required for Gmail
  35. Also added Advertiser, Banner, Zone and Site name to click detail report
  36. Campaign Stats/Detail summary accessed from Campaigns View All screen now includes campaign details, list of banners and list of associated zones
  37. Windows Vista and Windows 7 have been added as operating system targeting options


  1. Added additional statistics and indices to Impressions and Campaigns table for enhanced performance
  2. Added clustered index on ClickCounts table to speed performance
  3. Added clustered index on CampaignClicks table to speed performance
  4. Updated stored procedures that update stats to user smaller transactions to speed performance
  5. Changed reports to use stringbuilder to enhance performance and prevent memory overflow error


  1. For new installs a folder name of imgs is used for ads instead of "ads" folder. This is because some ad blockers look for the word "ads".
  2. When viewing zone code, if timed rotation is set only show compatible ad tags
  3. Updated call by keyword option to work with international characters such as Hebrew
  4. Evenly Spread algorithm has been enhanced to prevent campaigns from over serving on a daily basis
  5. Fixed a bug pertaining the the daily campaign end time whereby the last hour was not utilized when specifying custom hours
  6. Email reports are now checked hourly instead of daily because some servers recycle IIS at midnight which prevents reports from sending
  7. Shortened index on AuditLog table which caused error for very long browser headers, also truncate long browser headers
  8. Refresh views daily so views do not become invalid when users make changes to database structure
  9. Fixed procedure that counts clicks to ensure that click record exists and if it doesn't it creates one, affects only those running in optimized mode
  10. Fixed Zone Usage by Campaign Type report to not include impressions registered by static campaigns that are not associated with a zone
Version 9.0 for ASP.NET/SQL Server - 10/3/2008
  1. Supports companion ads or buddy ads in order to force ads from the same advertiser to serve in different spots on the same page at the same time.
  2. Added multi-lingual support using language files. Languages included are English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian.
  3. Added option to place Daily, weekly, and monthly caps on impressions or clicks (Weighted and evenly spread only)
  4. Added option to define a unique URL for each site (multi-site version) so that ads are called from that distinct address
  5. Added grid editor on Advertisers/Banners/Campaigns/Zones/User screens to edit common properties in grid format
  6. Add option for Users/Publishers to choose All Campaigns when creating reports
  7. Added an Audit Log to keep a history of all tasks performed in the system by each user
  8. Added option to override the zone refresh by campaign. When checked for a specific campaign the zone refresh will be halted until the user manually refreshes the browser
  9. Added CID/cvv2 to purchase option
  10. Added option to export orders to a csv file
  11. Added option for advertisers to signup through a web page. 
  12. Added option for advertisers to purchase advertising (this replaces previous purchase option) from advertiser console
  13. Added option to create a campaign when advertising is purchased and automatically assign to zones
  14. Added option to allow advertisers who purchase ads to upload the creative or select existing creative (standard banners only)
  15. Added Tool to email all Advertisers and/or All users
  16. Added option to classify campaigns as Invoiceable and specify an invoice status (Paid, Unpaid, pending)
  17. Added option to log Ban Man Pro system errors to database and view errors
  18. Added option for Publisher/User accounts to get daily, weekly, monthly, and campaign expiration reports
  19. Daily/Weekly/Monthly reports are now customizable under Setup/Report Templates
  20. Added a tool to delete all clicks from the stats for a specific IP Address
  21. Spider and bot list has been updated to include an additional 600+ headers
  22. Added option when adding user to allow them to view the Campaign Even Delivery Report
  23. Added password retrieval option for administrator and publishers/users
  24. Added option to modify the Help file URL as some 64-bit servers cannot load help files
  25. Added cross site scripting code to prevent malicious script injections
  26. Modified campaign expiration report to include cost, ad type and total cost to date
  27. Added option so static campaigns also support advanced banners
  28. Added additional ad tag option that encrypts the URL in an attempt to defeat ad blockers
  29. Changed exact match keyword option to parse strings with commas and iterate through each word
  30. Updated keyword test tool to allow selecting a zone so exact match keywords can also be tested
  31. Enhanced Equally Distributed by Day routine to catch up more quickly if a campaign falls behind in serving
  32. Changed all cache variables to application variables to prevent IIS from flushing variables when memory runs low
  33. Added alert when using Admin1/Admin1 for login since this is published as the default login on our web site
  34. Added error trap to check if stored procedure exists for full-text indexing
  35. Default sort on Advertisers, Banners, Campaigns, Zones has changed to most recent first
  36. Prevent a banner from being moved to a different advertiser if banner is in use
    by a campaign that belongs to a different advertiser
  37. Added option to modify which header is used to obtain IP address. Default is REMOTE_ADDR. Useful in load-balanced environments.
  38. Enhanced error trapping for database connections on first install
  39. Session state has been disabled on the ad.aspx and a.aspx files to increase performance
  40. Enhanced the spider detection algorithm to include requests with a blank browser header
  41. Began offering a light version of Ban Man Pro
  42. Added an index to geo-targeting table which boosts performance significantly
  43. Added new variable called [BanManProURLEncoded] which inserts the BanManPro Click Tag in an encoded format for use with PointRoll ads.
Version 8.0 for ASP.NET/SQL Server - 6/22/2007
  1. Converted application to Visual Studio .net 2005 for the .net framework 2.0 and higher using Master Pages
  2. Added US Metro Code targeting in addition to Country/State using MaxMind Metro Code data.  3rd party data must be purchased from Maxmind to use this feature.
  3. Added option to specify default geo-targeting selections that apply to newly added campaigns.
  4. Added Demographic/Profile targeting for demographics such as gender, age, level of education, HHI and zip code.

  5. Added option to display Tooltip type ads where keywords are highlighted within the content of a page.
  6. Added targeting by PRIMARY browser language.
  7. Added Option to distribute keyword campaigns equally over time.
  8. Expanded frequency cap option to include frequency cap based on clicks.
  9. Added Ad tags for email newsletters that do not use cookies.
  10. The Add Text Link option has been modified to include both static text links and non-static text ads that can be rotated in zones
  11. Added report (administrators only) that displays a summary of clicks by browser header useful for spotting spiders.
  12. Added Option to define list of IP's that ads are shown to but impressions/clicks not counted.
  13. Increased performance through Optimized stored procedures/views that select valid campaigns.
  14. Added Optimization option for high traffic sites that uses temporary tables to speed up queries and to prevent locking issues when updating statistics.

  15. Optimized all views, procedures and SQL statements to use NOLOCK for enhanced performance.
  16. Added Select All option for checkbox deletes.
  17. Modified Add Standard Banner option to not require a Target URL for those who wish to enter a banner with no click behavior.
  18. Banner width/height are now automatically populated when a new banner is uploaded.
  19. Added Records Per Page filtering on view all screens for Advertisers, Banners, Campaigns, Zones, Sites, Users.
  20. When creating a new user they can now be assigned to multiple advertisers and zones across multiple sites.
  21. Added option to copy site along with option to also copy zones and assign users to those zones.
  22. Added Option to place a zone on hold so ads stop serving in that zone and don't call database.
  23. When modifying the list of zones which a campaign is displayed in you can now select an option to view all sites at once (multisite version only).
  24. Added Javascript button that displays number of months, days in campaign based on selected dates.
  25. View All Campaigns now includes Clicks served in addition to impressions.
  26. Added Analysis link for all campaigns to show breakdown by day, similar to even delivery report.
  27. When viewing Advertiser, Banners, Campaigns, Zones, filtering options now persist for the session.
  28. Modified Zone Usage By Campaign Type report to include column totals.
  29. Added option to define specific reports for users/publishers.
  30. Added option to display actual banner on summary report.
  31. Added Option for advertisers to select "All Campaigns" in reporting.
  32. Added ability for advertisers to FILTER ads by campaign, Size, Banner Type, etc.
  33. Update Spider List with over 300 additional headers.
  34. Added error trapping options (Email Error to Admin, clear error, print to screen, write server event log).
Version 7.0 for ASP.NET/SQL Server - 6/13/2006
  1.  Expanded GeoTargeting to include US State and Canadian Province targeting. (Maxmind GeoIP Region data required for this feature)
  2. Added campaign targeting by Browser
  3. Added campaign targeting by Operating System
  4. Added Support for different sized ads within the same campaign.  This allows you to run the campaign across multiple zones and then the proper banner is shown only in zones that match the size. For this feature to work, you must check the option "Enforce Size Restrictions" for the individual zones. If unchecked the zone will show banners of any size.
  5. Added option to allow advertisers to view reports by country, region, browser, and operating system.  This is found in the Setup area under Reports Available to Advertisers.
  6. Optimized stored procedure speed in the stored procedure that updates the statistics when an ad is served. Some version 6 users already have this optimization.
  7. Added Option to search/replace the URL or IP Address of banners. This feature is found under tools. This is useful if you change the URL or IP of Ban Man Pro.
  8. Added option when copying a campaign to also copy all zone assignments
  9. Added option to mark banners as inactive so they no longer show up on the screen for selection when adding a new campaign.
  10. Delete links under Advertisers, Banners, Campaigns, Zones and Users have been changed to check boxes to allow deleting multiple items at once.
  11. Added Date Grouping option to summary report in order to report stats by various date periods including Day/month/Year, Month, Month/year, Year, Quarter and Weekday
  12. Option to pass keywords on to advertisers site using parameter [Keywords]
  13. When modifying zone assignments for an individual campaign, zones are now grouped by size and all zones that match the size of the banners in the campaign are highlighted in green. A checkbox can also be clicked to select all zones of a specific size.
  14. Add report link from campaign list that summarizes the campaign.  This report is the same format as the executive report.
  15. When editing a running campaign, the impressions and clicks that have been served are now displayed next to the quantity.
  16. Added rel="nofollow" option when adding a standard banner. This command tells search engine spiders not to follow the link.
  17. Added Option to limit file upload size by user/publisher.
  18. When adding a flash banner, you can now choose between the "url" and "clickTag" variable.  Some agencies use a click tracking variable called ClickTAG instead of the standard Ban Man Pro "url" variable.
  19. Added support for specifying port for email server. Enter using a comma such as MailServer,Port.
  20. Updated spider detection to include built-in crawler detection.  Also uses cookies to speed up performance, also updated routine for partial matching rather than exact matching.
  21. Tested support of SQL Server 2005 and SQL 2005 express
  22. Updated the option that lists all banners in a zone to include more information such as campaign name, banner name, and the ID's. Also this now includes all the default banners as well.
  23. Added option to select all countries at once using checkbox
  24. File upload tool now displays image URL after upload
  25. Added a new variable for click Tracking called [BanManProURL2]. This acts the same as [BanManProURL] but prevents any encoding in the URL in order to work with Atlas DMT tags.
  26. Added [BanManProURL3] which acts just like [BanManProURL] but does not include a random number. This is useful for flash movies where you don't want to use a random number to defeat the cache.
Version 6.0 for ASP.NET/SQL Server - 5/16/2005
  1. Added Country Geo-Targeting Option to target banners to specific countries.  This feature requires the purchase of IP address data in order to perform the geo-targeting.  The cost of the geo-targeting data is US$50. [More information]

  2. Added Impressions/Clicks/Percentages by Country to the Executive report to summarize how many impressions were shown in each country.
  3. Added Impressions/Clicks/Percentages by Zone Size to executive report.
  4. Added option to breakdown summary report by Country.
  5. Added a monthly email report option.
  6. Campaign Expiration Reports can now be sent to both advertisers and administrator.  A warning can also be sent X days before expiration.  Added a preference to define how many days before a campaign expires an email notice should be sent.
  7. All email reports can now be customized using templates under Setup--Report Templates
  8. Added option to email a report to anyone after it has been created
  9. Added Chart report that can be created for any period.  The chart displays impressions/clicks by day.
  10. Added Report called Zone Usage by Campaign Type that displays how many impressions were served on each day for each campaign type. This is useful for inventory analysis.  The report can also be specific to zone sizes.
  11. Added new types of banners called floating ads and transition ads.  A floating ad floats on top of all other content until the banner is closed.  A transition ad blanks out the entire page until the ad is closed.
  12. Added option to define templates for flash ads, transition ads, and floating ads so that the user can customize the HTML/Javascript used to display these banners
  13. Added support for an unlimited number of default campaigns in a zone. They are rotated evenly when selecting multiple campaigns.  Previously only one default campaign could be assigned to a zone.  Added the number of default campaigns to Zones--View All.
  14. Added additional even distribution option called Evenly spread over remaining time.  The previous even algorithm has been renamed to Equally Distributed By Day.  The new algorithm predicts traffic by day of week using historical data.  This will cause the campaign to serve more impressions on days when traffic is higher in order to create a more normalized distribution.
  15. Campaigns/View All now displays number of banners in each campaign so you can easily spot campaigns with no banners. Also added error trap when adding a campaign that has no banners selected.
  16. Added option to filter banners by size
  17. Added option to filter zones by sizes and by weighting system
  18. Option to select Locale Identifier (LCID) so dates/currency are displayed in the country's format
  19. Added Support [$$RANDOM$$] tag
  20. Admin password is now stored in encrypted format in database
  21. Added preference to define period in hours for tracking unique acquisitions with the ROI tracking option
  22. Added preference option to pass all querystring fields onto final web site
  23. Added option to append all IDs (AdvertserID,BannerID,CampaignID, ZoneID,SiteID) to the IIS log files
  24. Added option to specify text and link that appears at the bottom of the administration screens
  25. Any application errors are logged to the Windows event log when adding a campaign without selecting any banners
  26. Automatically redirect to login page if session has expired rather than displaying message "your session has expired..."
  27. Made expired campaigns that are not selected at the Zone level invisible.
  28. Renamed all stored procedures without sp except one run by scheduler. This prevents a cache miss that causes stored procedures to recompile because they began with the name sp_ which is reserved for SQL Server system procedures
  29. Altered Select procedures to use transactions with no locking in order to obtain a sizable performance boost.
Version 5.0 for ASP.NET/SQL Server - 1/12/2004
  1. Application has been re-written for the .NET framework version 1.1 using ASP.NET.  Unlike previous versions of Ban Man Pro, the application is now compiled and the source code is no longer visible or available.  The benefits of a compiled application are speed.
  2. Added a copy option to all objects including Advertiser, Banners, Campaigns, Zones, Users, and Sites.
  3. After adding a banner the banner is immediately displayed so you can more easily determine whether the banner was properly added.
  4. Added a checkbox to turn on/off the display of the banners when viewing a list of all banners on the banners screen.
  5. Added a much more advanced file upload tool.  Files can be uploaded while adding the banner.
  6. When viewing a list of banners, the number of campaigns using this banner is displayed.
  7. Banners can now be assigned to campaigns in reverse order.  Previously a campaign had to be edited to assign one or more banners.  Now a banner can be assigned to one or more campaigns.  View a list of banners then click Edit next to the count of campaigns.
  8. Enhanced the filtering options when viewing campaigns including the ability to filter on (Valid, Expired, On Hold) campaigns.
  9. Campaigns can now be called using exact match keywords or exact match phrases.
  10. Created a new type of ad tags called "Non-IFRAME java code" that does not make use of the IFRAME yet defeats the cache.  This is useful for serving rollover or expandable banners.
  11. Email reports are now sent in HTML format instead of text format.  Also, added additional fields such as the quantity sold and the advertiser's name.
  12. Ban Man Pro now uses QuickSoft EasyMail.NET as the mail component to send all email messages.  The component is distributed with Ban Man Pro.
  13. Added a username and password field in the setup area for mail servers that require authentication.
  14. Added option to specify a From Name and From Email to be used when sending email reports.
  15. Spider feature speed has been improved as it is now database driven and dynamically pulled from memory.
  16. Added an option to specify a banner to display in the admin console instead of the Ban Man Pro banner.
  17. Added a tool to rebuild the database indices.
  18. Added an option to programmatically call a banner but not display it.  This is useful for developers who need to display the ads programmatically.
  19. Added support for banners that use forms.  Clicks can now be counted and the form fields are then transferred with the click in the querystring.
  20. Added the option to specify a compact P3P privacy policy in the admin setup area.
  21. Added an option to refresh a zone every X seconds and display a new banner ad.  This works only with ad tags using the IFRAME and works only in IE3 or higher browsers as well as Netscape 6 and higher.
  22. Enhanced reports to allow the user to specify grouping by Advertiser, Banner, Campaign, Zone, Site and Date.
  23. When creating a new site the site can now be assigned to multiple advertisers rather than having to edit/update each individual advertiser.

Version 4.0 for SQL- 12/12/2002  Note these feature are currently only available in the SQL version.  The access version has not been updated since 2.0.

  1. Keyword campaigns are now assigned to zones so different sized banners can be displayed with the same keyword.
  2. Added option to create user accounts. User access can be limited to Advertisers, Banners, Campaigns, Zones or Reports and Sites (multi-site version only). Specific permissions include:
    Advertisers: View, Add, Modify, Delete
    Banners: View, Add, Modify, Delete
    Campaigns: View, Add, Modify, Delete, Reset Stats, Modify Zone Assignments
    Zones: View, Add, Modify, Delete, View Zone Code
    Reports: View
  3. Banner weighting system at campaign level is now relative. Weightings no longer need to sum to 100. Weightings automatically default to 1.
  4. A new type of zone tags have been created. These are called "Sponsorship code" and they allow you to display all campaigns in a zone and rotate them up the page. The number of campaigns displayed can be limited by setting the Total number in the ad tags. The banners rotate up the page with each refresh. 
  5. Added an option for advertisers to purchase advertising. You should only use this option if you have an SSL certificate for your web site. When the advertiser makes a purchase they are automatically inserted into the database as an advertiser.  [More information]
  6. Changed the Session-Based frequency cap to a Cookie based frequency cap with the ability to define the session length. For example, you could now limit a campaign to 10 impressions in 1 day.  Also expanded this feature to support an unlimited number of campaigns. Previous versions were limited to 5 campaigns. Note that some browsers have cookie limits and may limit the number of campaigns that can be capped.
  7. Added Popup/ Pop Under ad tag generator.
  8. Added Flash code generator.
  9. Added a report called zone totals that displays impressions and clicks broken down by zone. 
  10. Added Summary by Zone By Banner report to display a breakdown of banners in each zone to determine if a banner is performing better in certain zones.
  11. Added Notes field to Advertisers, Banners, Campaigns, Users and Sites
  12. Added the ability to track Impressions with static banners. Previously only clicks could be recorded.
  13. Images can now be deleted under the image upload tool.  Images for Users are placed in a separate folder so they cannot see images uploaded by the administrator or other users.
  14. Search option has been expanded to include Sites and Users.
  15. Added option to view all banners in a zone.
  16. On the reports, the date range requested is now displayed. 
  17. On the reports, if an individual advertiser is selected, the advertiser name is displayed, for a campaign, the campaign name is displayed.
  18. Cookie based tracking rather than sessions for non-javascript browsers.
  19. Email reports to administrator now include an even campaign delivery report summarizing whether a campaign is over or under delivering.
  20. Added Better navigation: After adding an advertiser you are presented a link to add a banner, after a banner, you are presented with a link to add a campaign, after a campaign you are presented with a link to define the zones this campaign will be placed in.
  21. Default target="_blank" when adding a new banner
  22. In add campaign, made first choice of advertiser "Select Advertiser" and not a valid choice. This will prevent the error of selecting the wrong advertiser. This field also defaults to most recently added advertiser.
  23. User interface now uses stylesheet to define text box properties
  24. Database driven stats rather than application-based. This allows software to run on load balanced servers. Also changed banmanfunc.asp to store date/time of last actions in table in database so load balanced servers do not repeat same task
  25. Statistics are now automatically deleted when you delete an advertiser, banners, campaign or zone.

Version 3.0 for SQL- 10/26/2001  Note these feature are currently only available in the SQL version.

  1. Added ROI/Acquisition tracking capability for tracking sales/leads/acquisitions from click throughs.  Click here to learn more about this feature.
  2. Added multiple weighting options within each zone. Weightings can now be based on 100, 1000, relative or in sequence. If relative or in sequence, the default is never displayed unless all campaigns in that zone expire.  The In-sequence option can also be used to repeat the same zone on a page and avoid displaying the same ad at the same time. This works great when displaying a list of sponsorships on a page. [More Information]
  3. Added option to analyze evenly distributed campaigns. A table displays expected versus delivered to see if campaign is over or under delivering.
  4. Added tool to send email reports for testing or if a previous send failed.
  5. Better Control of Database and Log file -- Added an option to truncate the database log file.  Also added an option to Truncate Clicks Table. This is found in the tools menu and deletes the Click detail from the system freeing up database space.
  6. Added an option to set zone color for IFRAME.  This is useful on web sites that use a background color other than white.
  7. Expired campaigns that have been removed from zones are no longer displayed in the zones so screens are not so cluttered.
  8. Multi-Site Version -- Enhanced RON option. Replaced option with the ability to select which sites an Advertiser is displayed on. This prevents the advertiser, banners, campaigns from being shown on ALL sites. This makes screens less cluttered.
  9. Added Option to insert Double Click [timestamp] as opposed to [RandomNumber]. Both are now supported.
  10. Added Option to display list of uploaded banners in file upload area.
  11. Option to specify font properties for text underneath banners.
  12. Added Option to search Advertisers, banners, campaigns and zones.
  13. Added Option to filter Banners and Campaigns based on type.
  14. Enhanced keyword feature. Multiple campaigns containing the same keyword can now be rotated.
  15. Added sorting to reports.
  16. Added option to remove chart and report summary on reporting screen. Option is session specific.
  17. Option to temporarily stop or place on hold a campaign.
  18. Organized campaigns at the zone level by size. Sizes are now displayed making it much simpler to select a campaign within a zone.
  19. Added option to multi-site version to report across all sites.
  20. Added calendar when adding campaign.
  21. Created a script for displaying all banners in a zone and rotating through the list of banners. Script called sequence.asp
  22. Add note on reports pertaining to static text/banner campaigns.
  23. Added option to automatically remove expired campaigns from zones.
  24. Add Zone Campaign Summary Report available when viewing all zones.
  25. Add over/under delivery report for Even campaigns. Button is 
    available on the Campaigns screen.
  26. Added option to insert advertisers logo when viewing reports.  Both the administrator and advertisers can define the URL to their logo.
  27. Option for advertisers to specify email reports including email address, daily, and weekly reports.
  28. Option for advertisers to view current banners.
  29. Created separate help file for advertisers.
  30. Added Spider Detection option in preferences.
  31. Added option for advertisers to report on all campaigns if they have multiple campaigns.

Version 2.2 for SQL- 3/15/2001  Note these feature are currently only available in the SQL version.

  1. 30-40% Performance increase over version 2.1.
  2. Updated writing of zone file for zones in SSI mode so that the file is only written when creating a zone. On busy sites re-writing the file can cause an error.
  3. The keywords option has been enhanced to support Full Text Indexing. In order to use this option Full Text Indexing must be installed on the server. This option can be turned on in the preferences. When turning this option on you must then visit the Tools screen to create a Full Text Catalog in the database. Each time you make changes to the keywords, you must re-build the catalog by visiting the tools option and selecting the rebuild option.
  4. Added a tool to the Tools options for testing Keyword Campaigns.
  5. A static banner option has been added at the campaign level. This allows you to display banners statically without counting impressions. Only clicks will be counted.
  6. Added recordset paging to Advertisers, Banners, Campaigns and Zones screens. When Clicking one of these folders only the first 10 are displayed.
  7. Added Alert when viewing zones that indicates if the sum of selected campaigns is less than 100 and no default is included.
  8. Expired campaigns are now flagged when editing a zone. Also, the number of expired campaigns selected in a zone is noted when viewing a list of zones.
  9. Added an Option to NOT count click detail preserving database space. Note that click counts will still be counted but an individual record including the click detail will not be created. By using this option you cannot prevent duplicate clicks on a banner.
  10. Impressions are now counted at the same time a banner is called. Previously the program required two database calls to serve an ad. Now only one is required and the performance is enhanced.
  11. Optimized Evenly Distributed Routine for faster performance. The program no longer loops through all days if the campaign is set to run on all days/hours.
  12. When clicking an ad, if there is no impression record in the table one is automatically created. This will allow users to create static text links that do not count the impressions and the clicks will still be properly counted.
  13. Fixed a bug in sp_BMP_CountClickReturnURL where ClickIP should have been @ClickIP.  Oddly enough the procedure worked with this error in it.
  14. Fixed a bug in run of network campaigns in multi-site verson. Stats were not counted properly for RON campaigns and they over served. This changes the UpdateCampaignsAndImpressions
    stored procedure.
  15. Altered 4 stored proceedures that create email reports to account for scenario where the SQL server is a few minutes behind the server time. If this is the case, the reports were previously sent for 2 days ago rather than yesterday.
  16. Added Support for QuickSoft EasyMail Objects mail component.
  17. Added support for specifying the Target="**" Parameter at the banner level.
  18. Added proper support for images with Spaces in the name.
  19. Fixed a bug in admin email report that caused total clicks to be incorrectly high.
  20. Fixed bug in proceedure called sp_BMP_ObtainBannerForKeywordCampaign. This stored procedure was responsible for pulling keyword campaigns. If the keyword campaign contained multiple banners it only chose the first banner. Now banners are selected based on their weightings.

Version 2.1 for SQL- 10/25/2000  Note these feature are currently only available in the SQL version.

  1. Added report access via web enabled telephones or PDAs.
  2. Moved banner selection routines inside SQL as a stored proceedure.  This double's the ad serving capacity.
  3. Added an option to reset stats for each campaign.
  4. Added an option to hide the target URL when hovering the mouse over
    and advertisement.
  5. Added option to report by Advertiser. Previous reports were limited to
  6. Altered Advanced JavaScript code to support the IFRAME in Netscape 6. Please note that the existing code still works by using the JavaScript SRC function. The IFRAME is more flexible than the JavaScript SRC function and is a welcomed feature in Netscape 6.
  7. Added a frequency cap option. This option is limited to 5 campaigns at
    any given time for performance reasons. The option should be used with caution since it makes use of session variables. The option should be turned off in the preferences at any time when you are not using this functionality.
  8. Added an option in the Tools for uploading files to the server.
  9. Campaigns can now be applied to zones from the Campaign Screen.

Version 2.0- 6/12/2000

  1. SQL only :  Added a smoothing algorithm. The user specifies the number of minutes to base the smoothing algorithm on and then Ban Man Pro continually updates the percentages. For sites with a steady stream of traffic, low values on the order of 5-15 minutes work great. For
    low traffic sites a larger value may be necessary such as 30-60 minutes.
    This value is set in the Preferences. [More Info]
  2. Added a stop feature to completely stop serving ads in the event of
    a database or some other failure. This is useful in the situation that
    the database server is temporarily down.
  3. Added an option to select which reports your advertisers will see. This
    information is set on the preferences screen.
  4. Login information can now be stored in a cookie.
  5. Added a logout button. 
  6. Added an option to purge the database of old statistics. When
  7. Added an option to email campaigns which are approaching expiration. This is in addition to the notification that is sent when one expires. A notice is sent when a campaign is within 95% of expiration based on 
  8. Added a date setting option to support both US and international dates.
  9. Added an email test option so you can test which email component your
    server supports.
  10. Added an option to determine how often multiple clicks from the same
    user are counted. For example, setting the value to 1 requires that
    clicks be unique each hour. [More Info]
  11. Converted all queries in main script to stored procedures. This
    provides approximately a 15% performance gain. [SQL Only]
  12. Added an option to export all reports to Excel in addition to 
    viewing them in a browser.
  13. Introduced a multi-site version for managing multiple sites.
  14. Added option to view both Banners and Campaigns by advertiser. Sites
    with a large number of banners and campaigns complained because it took too long to load all banners. When first visiting the banners screen
    only the first 10 are loaded by default. Also, on the advertisers screen,
    advertisers can now be viewed by clicking on the appropriate letter.
  15. Added the ability to call Zones by name.
  16. Converted the main script into functions and now ASP users can call
    banners by function.
  17. Added Error trap for invalid end dates.
  18. Added support for static text links.  [More Info]
  19. Added support for multiple size defaults. For this feature to work
    you must specify a zone size for all your zones. Default banners can
    then be pulled based on matching sizes.
  20. Added Keywords to campaigns so that they can be called by keyword. [More Info]
  21. Added email reports option for both advertisers and administrators.
    Reports are available both daily and weekly.
  22. Updated documentation
  23. Added a slot option. [More Info]

Version 1.2.5

  1. Optimized queries for enhanced performance.
  2. Added an option to require unique clicks in X amount of hours.  This is not yet exposed in the preferences screen and is manually set by changing the parameter called intUniqueClickHour in the banman.asp file.
  3. Fixed a bug in the event that a valid campaign was not available and no default was included in the zone.  In the event that you were using the JavaScript ad code this crashed some Netscape4 browsers because nothing was returned to the browser.
  4. Added a parameter called [RandomNumber] so that a random number can dynamically be inserted.  This is useful for third party ad code which might require a random number.  To include a random number, simply insert [RandomNumber] including the brackets.  More information.
  5. Altered Netscape 3 code (Advanced JavaScript ad serving code) to include border=0 and target="_new".
  6. Added an executive report.
  7. Added chart to reports screen which summarizes impressions in the past 7 days.
  8. Added option to view banners by advertiser.
  9. Added error trap to prevent the addition of two campaigns with the same name.
  10. Added more complete support for third party ad code.  This affects those using the HTML ad code.  Note that the product still does not track clicks from many types of third-party ad code due to the dynamic nature of their code.  Click here for more information.
  11. Added parameter called [BanManProURL] which can be used for rich media ads and other ads added through the advanced code option. Ban Man Pro will dynamically place this with the target URL allowing you to track clicks on rich media ads.  Please not that if your ad is an HTML ad which posts results, then the results posted from the form will likely be lost if directing through the ad server.
  12. Added additional ad serving code types.  Click here for more information.
  13. Added a confirmation button when deleting Advertiser, Banners, Campaigns and Zones to prevent accidental deletion.
  14. When adding information to the database, the fields are "trimmed" to prevent any unwanted spaces at the front of a line.  This was mainly a problem when adding an advertiser login name/password with an extra space.  This extra space made it difficult to login unless you knew the space was there.
  15. Lastly, the database connection is now closed and re-opened before making any updates.  This caused SQL to occasionally hang, and in Access this occasionally caused ASP to stop functioning on some NT servers.

Version 1.1

  1. Added an option to view all expired campaigns.
  2. Option to be emailed when a campaign expires.
  3. Sizes of banners are now shown under campaigns and zones. (Remember, all banners of the same size should be placed in any given campaign or zone).
  4. Highly advanced ad serving code for the HTML mode. This new code uses JavaScript and significantly decreases the memory requirements on the server.
  5. Reporting by Zones.
  6. Removed most session variables to significantly cut down on the server resources utilized by the application.
  7. Fixed a few bugs in the reporting options.
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